Uses and Consumption of Testosterones

Testosterone is a natural hormone which is being produced in the human body and in larger quantities within the males. It is also available in the artificial supplement form which helps in gaining endurance, stamina and strength along with improved bone size elongation.

When is testosterone prescribed?

Testosterone tablets are prescribed to men with low levels of testosterone which brings in several symptoms of diseased which can spoil the quality of life.  Testosterone supplements are available in injection form, cream, gel, lotion. Taking testosterone properly is what you must be knowledgeable about, that is to say you must know how much testosterone you should be taking, so that you only face the benefits and can keep the side effects at a bay.

Application of testosterone

Testosterone can be administered into your body through a several methods like injections, implantable pellets, gel, cream and, lotion. The amount of testosterone that you must be taking should be prescribed by a doctor as the knowledge of milligram strength is very important in measuring the dosage that is required for your body. Injections are given in the intermuscular method to enable better functioning of the supplementary hormone .Gels, lotions and creams are topical in nature, owing to which they are directly applied on the skin. The pellets are usually implanted within your body. Injections by the name of Cypionate are widely available in the market which is injected into the body using a needle and a syringe.  Some injections are made available in the market as a pre – measured vial solution .Injections are popularly administered in the anterior  thigh muscles , gluteus maximus , upper arm and the deltoid muscle . You must cross – check with your doctor about how much testosterone you must be taking. It is advisable to follow the doctor’s instruction thoroughly to avoid any unforeseen health risks. Topical steroids should also be applied on certain prescribed places. You cannot apply it to any place according to your wish. The most common type of gel is the Androgen which is made to be measured out in lumps before application.  The doctor will be able to advise you the number of lumps you need for your treatment.  According to the manufacturer’s guide the gel should be applied on the upper arms or shoulder after having cleaned the skin of those parts .It is knowledgeable to apply the medicine on the same part daily and on the same time.  The guide tells you to apply the gel on those parts of the body which remains covered by a cloth and is well guarded against the sunlight.  You should keep these supplements out of the reach of children and should let it dry properly before dressing up. By covering the place where you have applied the gel you keep it concealed from the reach of others. It is also important that you bathe, wash and shower for minimum two hours before you apply the gel again on the next day. If a child or other matured person comes into contact of this gel you are advised to wash their hands properly or should immediately take them to the doctor for help.


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