Anavar cycle for reshaping your body within 6 weeks

The modern woman requires staying fit and active all the time. Being fit and attractive is the foremost demand of the modern time and that’s why, there is no lack of good products in the market for female use. Anavar 10 – 50mg/ED help women to maintain their energy level during cutting. It works by promoting lean muscle and cutting off the unwanted fat.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is known among those mildest anabolic steroid which have been known to be safe always. Being mild and natural, they are tolerable by women and for this reason are highly suggested for girls and women who are looking for cutting off their diet. Although, anavar cycle is equally useful for men also and it should not confused to be used only by females, still it is more beneficial for females in comparison to males. The product contains special hormone which is highly useful for women. On the other hand, it doesn’t play any important role in bulking up the body of males.

Mechanism of working

This steroid product basically works by putting on lean muscle on the body rather than fat. So, while one uses this product, he or she should not expect anything else from this product. Being a rapidly working DHT oral anabolic steroid, anavar 50mg/ED preserves lean tissues and increases the metabolic activity. Actual gain in tissue is made by this product especially in females. This doesn’t mean that the product is not useful for men but yes, this works appropriately and more accurately for women in spite of being equally advantageous for men. Using this product is the best for men if they are on the dieting phase.

Here one thing should be noted by everyone that this product is not the best choice for bulking because whatever mass they will gain during the use of this product, which will be only lean muscles. As the steroid hormone is highly expensive, one should not invest on this product if he or she targets for bulking the body. Well, this product can be tried for the same but it will require massive doses to see good results in this direction.

How to use anavar?

Taking anavar is safe and easy. It is a powerful product without any side effects. Moreover, it is a performance enhancer. Women love this product as it suits their physiology. The main function of anavar or oxandrolone is to rip off your body and it brings you back to the shape. To see positive effects of this process, you should keep patience for about 6-8 weeks after you start taking this product. It will show the positive results only when will be taken regularly.

From where to buy the product?

You can buy anavar cycle online after being prescribed by the physician. You can go for a trial pack or full one according to your wish. Although, you will not find any side effect of this product, still if it leaves any negative effect on your body, you should stop taking the product and consult with the physician to know the real reason behind that side effect.


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