Best Reasons Why You Must Start Taking Genmaicha Tea

Genmaicha is a type of Japanese green tea that has brown rice kernels. Once brewed, this tea gives a subtle aroma of roasted rice. It is a subtle drink but offers tons of health advantages. These health benefits are as follow:

It aids with cancer prevention

Genmaicha tea has catechins – a natural phenol as well as antioxidant that is widely popular to help fight cancer-causing cells. In a research, green tea has the ability toobstructskin,esophagus, liver, ovarian, prostate, stomach, as well aslung cancer. It is even effective in avoiding oral cavity. There are even studies claiming thatgirls who regularly drink green tea have shown a considerably lower risk of breast cancer as compared to women who drink less than a cup per month.

It helps you to have a healthier heart

Those who take green tea on a daily basis are at lower risk of getting any heart diseases. There are epidemiological studies showing that drinking green tea can lower the risks of cardiovascular disease. According to these studies, people who had drunk about one to two cups of green tea like genmaicha regularly had a 44% lower risks of getting heart attack than people who do not drink tea.

It has a lot of antioxidants

When you drink genmaicha tea you will get a wide selection of antioxidants such as caronteids and even ascorbic acid. If you want to improve your immune system or drain the pollutantsout of your body, it is best to take this tea on a regular basis. As compared to black tea, genmaicha tea has more total of antioxidants. In reality, there was a study that those who smoke and drank about 6 cups of green tea per day showed lower levels of free radical-induced DNA.

Genmaicha Tea

It lowersyour blood pressure

By drinking green tea, you can help your body fight against hypertension. Green teas genmaicha has the ability to lower your blood pressure so the rest of your body can be relaxed. In fact, in Chinese medicine, green tea is known to help lower high blood pressure. A study done by “Archives of Internal Medicine” in the year 2004 even says that regularly taking green tea for 1 year can reduce the risks of hypertension.

It calms your body

Genmaicha has an active ingredient popularly known as the anine. This amino acid substance can linkto your brain as well as delivers a soothing relaxation feeling. The result is that your mind’s neurotransmitters help you stay calm while being attentive at the same time.

It helps avoid indigestion

Feeling guilty after having a heavy meal? The best way to lessen the guilt is to drink genmaicha tea. This beverage is known to help those who are having problems with digestion.

It helps you shed weight

If you want to begin living healthy and want to lose a couple of pounds, consider consuming genmaicha tea daily. A research claims that Genmaicha or green teas have the ability to advance our body’s ability to burn fats. Consume 2 to 3 cups a day for best results.

How to drink green tea

If you are starting todrink green tea, here are several great tips to aid you enjoy it better.

  • Drink green tea that is freshly made. However, be sure that it has already somewhat cooled before taking your initial sip to avoid damaging your digestive system.
  • Do not drink teas that areextremely concentrated, since they couldhavelarge amounts of polyphenols.
  • Ask your physician if green tea mayconflict with any of your medications.
  • Drink tea 1 hour before or after each meal.

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