Classic Vietnamese Drinks to Quench Your Thirst

Vietnamese cuisine is well known for their healthy delicious dishes but they are also famous for their classic thirst quenching drinks. Some of their drinks are strong, some are mild but all are delicious and refreshing. These drinks are very accessible even on the streets. You can stop by for a quick drink to quench your thirst from a typical hot day. You can also find a Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore who serves really good drinks since it is one of their specialty and you really have to try it. Don’t miss out in trying these drinks since they are really good. Here are some examples of classic Vietnamese drinks to quench your thirst:


Caphe is well known to foreigners as coffee. Vietnamese coffee is known to be very strong. If it’s your first time to drink Vietnamese coffee then you should drink only a little to test the effect on you. You might end up having a sleepless night when you drink too much. It would also be good if you drink the coffee mixed with condensed milk to lessen the effect. Caphesua da is also known as iced coffee with condensed milk and caphe da is iced black coffee. These are strong but refreshing and delicious.

Nuoc Sam

Foreigner know this simply as herbal tea. It is usually a blend of nettle leaves, corn silk, grass roots and sugar cane. Nuoc Sam is a very effective refreshment for the hot weather. The Vietnamese believe that this tea has healing and cooling effect to people who consume it. Many street vendors sell Nuoc Sam so you will not miss it.

Bia Hoi

The Vietnamese traditional beer is called Bia Hoi. This beer is believed to be the cheapest among the beers around the world. It has a light and crisp taste. Bia Hoi is made during the night and delivered to bars who serves them during the day. It is in stored in a keg where they directly get it when someone orders. There is a famous spot in Hanoi where you can get Bia Hoi fresh and affordable.


DiraTuoi is what many Vietnamese call a coconut. Coconut is very healthy and it is sometimes consumed by people in the morning because they say it has healing befits. Usually the coconut water is served directly from the coconut. It has a sweet refreshing taste. Mostly in cafes they give you an option to drink straight from the coconut or to be mixed with ice and condensed milk. The younger coconut taste better and sweeter compared to the big ones. The shell should still be young and soft to achieve better taste. Fresh coconuts are sold cheaper by the street vendors than the ones sold in cafés.

RuouNep Cam

Since there is an abundant source of rice, they were able to create rice wine. RuouNep Cam has 29.5 alcohol content. You have to be careful in drinking it since it is not really a wine when it comes to the alcohol content. RuouNep Cam is typically the drink choice of men which they enjoy with barbecued meat or seafood. Most of the time they drink this wine in special occasions. RuouNep Cam tastes sweet but don’t be fooled since you can still get drunk from drinking too much.

Sinh To

SinhTo is also known as a fruit smoothie. There are various types of fresh smoothies depending on the availability of the fruit. There are fruits that are seasonal so they can only provide the fruits that are in season. Sinh to is made from your choice of fruits such as, strawberries, avocado, durian, etc. Ice and condensed milk is added to the blender to create a smoothie. They usually use condensed milk so that they will not need to add sugar in it. It is very healthy and very refreshing.

Nuoc Mia

Nuoc Mia is also called sugar cane juice. The juice of the sugar cane is extracted directly from the sugar cane stems. It is served as it is or you also can have ice added with it together with condensed milk and lime. This drink is served in Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore as well.

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