Start Sipping White Tea for These Grand Health Benefits

If there’s 1 tea flavor that should be available in your tea shelf, it has to be white tea. This drink has delicate and subtle flavor, and even comes with tons of health benefits you should not ignore. Such benefits have long been appreciated in China, but recently it is starting to become more popular to various parts of the world for many reasons.

Below is a list of white tea’s remarkable health benefits, and reasons as to why you should keep it in your tea shelf:

Reduces risks of aging – aside from keeping you warm on a cold night, white tea is also the best choice for those who wish to reduce the  risks of early aging. This drink has anti-aging properties as well as antioxidants that ward off free radicals. These radicals are known for adding in the accelerated aging process of our body. Since this tea has polyphenols, it can neutralize free radicals to reduce the damage it can do on your body.

Restores damaged skin – calling all women who want to maintain their young looking skin. White tea may be the right remedy that you’ve all been looking for. This drink can help maintain your skin healthy as well as young looking with its antioxidant substances. It is also an ideal choice for quickly repairing damaged skinas well as protecting it from harmful effects of ultraviolet light. Therefore, by halting these free radicals, this tea can protect the skin and even reverse various skin issues.

Works against cancer-causing cells – just like green tea, white tea is an ideal choice to preventing various cancers like lung, colon, stomach, and prostate cancer. According to a study, white tea is a potential anticancer beverage since it comes with a chemopreventive agent. The chemopreventive extract can induce cell death, which could lead to prevention of cancer cells’ development. White tea even has flavonoids – a kind of antioxidants that also stops the development of new cancer cells. There is also a research that shows how white tea works perfectly in prescription drugs, without the risks of getting side effects.

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Improves oral health as well as stronger bones–white tea contains fluoride that fights off flavonoids as well as tannins in growing various oral bacteria. These bacteria could build plaque that brings risks of tooth decay or cavity.

Plus, there are studies presenting that people who drank white tea on a day to day basis acquired a much better bone density rather than those who are non-drinkers. It has been discovered to have great effects for those who are undergoing arthritis or osteoporosis.

Fights off bacteria as well as viruses – white tea has compounds that help ward off bacteria or viruses. It comes with antioxidants that protect the body from diseases, helping drinkers to stop flu and cold. On top of that, white tea can ease the signs of HIV.

How to brew white tea?

To get the right flavor of white tea, many advice to use filtered water that is no hotter than 170 up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit or 76 up to 85 degrees Celsius. Boil the water in a kettle and letit cool down for a few minutes. Once it reaches the correct temperature, pour it onto a cup of mug with white tea leaves. The longer you brew it, the richer and stronger the flavor gets. Steep the tea bag or leaves for about 15 minutes.

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