Benefits of Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestrisĀ belongs to the caltrop family of Zygophyllaceae and is grown as an annual plant in the tropical regions of Europe, Africa, Australia and southern parts of Asia. This plant is commonly known as weed and has found importance in the medical world in the recent times. If you search over the internet about the benefits of Tribulus terrestris, there will be so many windows open for you about the details of its origin and biological importance. In the present studies, it has been revealed that the plant constitutes some components that promote the production of testosterone in males.

What is the importance of Tribulus terrestris?

When you are planning to shop testosterone boosters from online stores or nearby nutritional shops, there will be so many search results and myriad range of options open before you to choose the right one. This process of opting for the best product becomes very difficult as you need to have complete knowledge about it before purchasing it. If you search the effectiveness of Tribulus terrestris, you can obtain several pages or articles on the plant that can help you gather useful relevant information. The benefits and side effects of the plant are a bit controversial as it is a form of weed. Despite those, the plant has proved beneficial in the field of medical treatment for libido and impotency in men for thousands of years as a part of herbal use. But when your testosterone levels are high, it is generally not recommended for use as it furthermore promotes the hormone secretion leading to terribly high percentage of testosterone which is much unfavourable.

Tribulus terrestris is found to possess biologically active and beneficial components like flavonoids, alkaloids, glycosides and saponins. One of the most predominantly present saponins is protodioscin which is believed to possess aphrodisiac properties. Protodioscin is an important component that facilitates increased immunoreactivity in androgen specific protein receptors, which is done by accelerating the production rate of androgen receptors within the cells so that they become sensitive to androgens in the body like testosterone.

How does it help in improving testosterone production?

There are several mechanisms by which protodioscin works but one of its most effective modes of action is the ability to trigger the release of nitrous oxide in the tissues of corpus cavernosum. Corpus cavernosum tissues are the spongy cavities in the penis that is most functional in erectile conditions for containing most of the blood in the penis. By this mechanism, the sexual stimulation is heightened and helps in the formation and maintenance of penis during erection.

Therefore increased testosterone secretion can benefit both your sex life as well as your athletic performance, as the hormone improves your muscle volume and vitality. It is known that any nutritional supplement will have caution instructions to be followed while taking them. Same goes for Tribulus terrestris extract. It is not suggested when your testosterone levels are high, which can leave behind both physical and mental negative effects. Thus always choose your product wisely and according to your body need to keep yourself away from health adversities.


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