How Elderly Patients Can Benefit from Physiotherapy

As people get older, failing health or chronic diseases like osteoarthritis can take a toll on their bodies and affect their mobility. They may be unsteady on their feet, joints easily stiffening, and it can be difficult to walk without using a cane or walker. Fortunately, seniors can be helped with physiotherapy, which can assist them in becoming stronger.

How Physio Helps Elderly Patients

Physiotherapy is often used for patients who have been injured in accidents or participating in sporting events. However, it can also be used for patients recovering from illnesses and surgeries. Such therapy can help elderly people with chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, asthma, and many other conditions as well. Physiotherapists can assist patients in moving again by gently manoeuvring their bodies to warm up muscles and stretch tissues to help them move freely.

Physiotherapists may also introduce patients to exercises they can do no matter their physical condition. For patients in wheelchairs, they may introduce adaptive yoga or show them exercises they can do from a chair. Some older patients with more mobility may be introduced to Pilates to help them become more active, strengthen their muscles, and increase their body density.

Research shows very few Australians over the age of 50 (only 1 in 10) exercising enough to benefit their cardiovascular systems. The lack of exercise often contributes to physical decline as people get older. Fortunately, most physical decline can be reversed with the help of physiotherapy, no matter if it is age related or from problems moving around due to injuries or chronic conditions.

Prevents Falls and Injuries

Working with a Yokine physio clinic can help seniors strengthen their bodies, including their legs, so they are steadier on their feet. It also helps them regain balance they may have lost due to immobile joints or health issues which affected their bodies. Regaining balance helps to prevent falls, which can be devastating for an elderly person. Such falls can result in broken hips, which are often a death knell to elderly patients since can it cause their health to decline rapidly.

Physio can also help by reducing pain levels, improving range of motion, reducing high blood pressure, and can help some people lose weight. Physiotherapists use a variety of hands-on techniques to loosen stiff muscles and joints and stretch tissues in the body. Along with adapting treatments to individual patients, they may also work with groups and teach them exercises they can use to stay active after their prescribed physiotherapy has ended.

By regaining mobility, balance, strength, and endurance, being treated with physio can also benefit the mind. When the physical body improves, it helps to lift moods. People often regain their confidence since they feel better and are healthier.

Physiotherapy can also improve mental clarity since it often involves deep breathing, which supplies more oxygen to the body and the brain. No matter your age, exercise can help improve your life and help you regain your mobility.

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