How to Manage Migraine Attacks Better

Did you know that a healthy lifestyle and the right eating habits could prevent the occurrence or intensity of migraine headaches? Migraine is a common neurological condition that affects 38 million US citizens and another one billion in the world. Studies reveal that six percent of American men, 18 percent of women, and 10 percent kids are plagued with this ailment. It was also found that two to three million people in the US suffer from chronic headaches. Many Americans suffer from a migraine triggered by atmospheric pressure as experienced in the northern US cities like Augusta in Maine. However, consider yourself fortunate if you hail from one of the sunnier states such as Florida which is known to have the most stable barometric pressure. Although you can still get a migraine attack even in the Sunshine State, a visit to a wellness center in Tampa should be able to alleviate the condition. Besides, lifestyle changes also contribute to a considerable extent in reducing the effects of the disease. Here are a few tips to help you manage migraine headaches better:

Stay Away from Foods that Trigger Headaches

If you are aware that certain food items or drinks can aggravate your condition, simply avoid them. Do not consume chocolates, alcohol, aged cheese, fermented food, and nuts. Even if you want to include them in your diet, have them in moderation. Remember that a specific food product may not set off a headache, but a combination of many triggers will do. If you have a glass of red wine, you may not suffer immediately, but skipping lunch and having cheese and wine on an empty tummy may lead to migraine attacks. Caffeine, for example, may alleviate killer headaches or trigger pain. So, if you cannot manage without coffee, drink it in moderation instead of having several cups in a day. Once you start avoiding the foods that trigger the condition, the next important step is to have your meals on a regular schedule.

Learn to Manage Your Stress  

Stress and anxiety are the two primary factors that trigger migraine headaches in people. So, if you are unable to concentrate at work or perform household chores, make sure that you include yoga and meditation in your daily schedule to ease your stress levels. Working professionals in America find little time for exercise, and this is the reason why they often complain of tension headaches and migraine attacks. Based on a poll conducted by Harris Interactive, 1,019 working professionals in the US are stressed at their workplace. If you are a busy executive, you need to take some time off your busy schedule and practice yoga, deep breathing, and meditation. A study was conducted to learn about the impact of an eight-week meditation-based stress reduction in patients suffering from migraine. The participants who meditated found it helpful in reducing the duration of headaches and consequently improved their mindfulness and self-efficiency.

Avoid Lights and Take Short Breaks at Work

If your job entails sitting at your desk for a long period, take short breaks from time to time. This is more important for people who need to work on their computers or laptops most of the time. Adjust your chair height, wear anti-glare glasses, avoid sitting near bright lights, stay away from window glares, maintain proper ventilation, and adjust your computer screen to avoid migraine attacks.

Sleep Tight

Lack of sleep or sleeping less than seven hours every night can trigger a migraine. According to a cross-sectional epidemiological study on the various causes of headaches, migraine attacks aggravated with the variation in sleep pattern.

Embracing a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to keep the migraine at bay. You can consult an experienced doctor at a wellness center in Tampa if the pain is recurrent and difficult to manage. Eat right and sleep well to avoid killer headaches.

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