The revolutionary benefits of Defibrillator

The defibrillator is important equipment that has been used in the treatment of life-threatening ailments that affect the functioning of our Heart. A defibrillator is used for treating ventricular failures, pulseless ventricular tachycardia, and cardiac arrhythmia. The defibrillator uses the method of giving electric shocks to the heart which causes the heart muscle to depolarize. The equipment re-establishes the electrical impulse of the heart thereby promoting normal functioning. Hence those who suffer from irregular pulse and consequences thereof can be benefited with the help of this instrument.

The life-saving equipment defibrillator is available in three different types which have different ways of offering treatment. Implanted defibrillator, trans-venous defibrillator, and external defibrillator are the three types of defibrillator used commonly for saving the life of people. The end result offered by the devices is almost same, but the mechanism and system of function are different from each other. The equipment was presented in 1899 by two physiologists belonging to Geneva University namely Batelli and Prevost. After delivering electric shocks to animals, they established the fact that shocks can lead to reverse fibrillation. Hence after numerous experiments and getting encouraging results with different experiments the use of the same is started for humans.

One can buy a defibrillator online either from a trusted supplier or with the help of online dealers. There are also many offline sellers who offer quality products, and one can check the availability of such devices in a nearby shop. The online dealers offer a variety of choice in terms of brands and price.

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All you need to know about Heart Attack:

  • The blood flow gets affected when the heart stops beating which leads to brain lacking enough supply of oxygen. This can cause the death of the person within few minutes. It is because of this very reason that patients with cardiac arrest require emergency treatment. The terminated blood flow can cause death in just a few minutes if proper treatment to the patient is not provided on time.
  • When a person suffers from a heart attack, the heart goes into quivering limbo. This is termed as fibrillation wherein the only option to infuse life in the heart is giving an electric shock. In short, the defibrillator does the job of saving the heart and life of the patient.
  • In earlier times, the usage of defibrillator required training for many hours, but with the passage of time, it has simplified.
  • Presently, many public places have the defibrillators installed for an emergency. With easy user interface, people with minimal knowledge can also take help from the equipment if they suffer from sudden heart attack.

Defibrillators make use of high voltage electric current ranging from 200-1000 volts. The range is decided in a way that the heart can sustain the current. It is believed that for better results as well as conduction, good contact with the skin is needed. Therefore, before applying the current, a gel is applied to the chest.

Defibrillator suppliers in India can be contacted through online portals through their website, and the equipment can be bought after exploring options.

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