What to Do if you Experienced Medical Negligence

No one intentionally does something that results in another person suffering, especially not in a medical environment, yet it does happen. Human beings are not infallible and sometimes a small thing like failing to notice a condition, could have serious consequences for the patient. Often, people that have suffered as a result of medical neglect do not bother to claim, as they are concerned about racking up huge legal bills and then having the claim dismissed, yet with online legal experts who will review your case for free, you really can’t go wrong.

Source the Right Lawyer

The Internet is a great source of information and it can also help you to locate a service, such as medical malpractice lawyers in Queensland, that are just a few clicks away. Once you have made an appointment, the legal experts will take a look at what you have, so make sure you take everything that might be useful or relevant. This would include any medical reports, images of the location and your injuries, any witness contact information, and a detailed written account of the incident. You would also need to inform the premises owner about your condition, and this should be done as soon as possible. A registered letter is the best way to do this, as there is evidence of you sending and the recipient receiving the document.

Pursuing a Claim

Once the legal team have done their research, they can tell you what they think the chances are of a claim being successful. As with all forms of law, it is all about verifiable facts, but in the event the lawyers feel you have a case, they would act on your behalf on a no win-no fee basis, which means you have no financial outlay whatsoever. In the event the lawyer feels your claim is weak, they would advise you against making the claim, and it hasn’t cost you anything to find this out.

Out of Court Settlement

On many occasions, the premises owner would prefer to settle out of court, especially if the evidence clearly points to neglect on their behalf. By settling out of court, everyone avoids heavy legal bills, and the judges are left to deal with less clear cut cases, so everyone is happy.

Types of Claim

A person can claim for general pain and suffering, and if they lost wages as a result of the injury, this can also be claimed. Any medical expenses, both past and present can be compensated in the award, and should a person require home alterations or special transport, it could be that the premises owner is liable.

It is very important to make the necessary contacts and record and keep all information regarding your accident. See you doctor as soon as possible and ask them to include the details of the accident in their report, as this might be invaluable at a later date.

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