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Benefits of Getting Peptide Synthesis Services from the Pros

If you are looking for peptide synthesis services, then you are in need of high quality peptides with good purity levels to use throughout your research. Though most companies claim to offer peptide synthesis services in Canada, not all of them have what it takes to give you the purity levels you need, within the timeframethat you require them.

This is why it is of imperative importance to take your time and research the synthesis companies, so that you get the chance to do more than just work with the real pros, but also to get high quality peptides. Here are some of the benefits you get when your peptide synthesis is handled by the pros:

High success rate

The industry average for peptide synthesis currently stands at 75%, but with the pros, you can get rates as high as 95%. This is because they have the skills, knowledge and technology, which other players in the industry don’t have.

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High-throughput capacity

With the pro synthesizers, you don’t have to worry about the amount of peptides you need synthesized. Whether you need it on a small scale or a large scale, they have the capacity to meet your needs. This is highly admirable if you need rapid delivery or large order volumes.

Complimentary aliquoting

With most peptide synthesis services, you will get up to five aliquots for free, but you can also get complimentary aliquoting upon request. Again, this is admirable when you need the peptides in bulk.

Protective packaging

Professional peptide synthesis service providers in Canada know the need to deliver your peptide in the right form, free from contaminants. This is why when you get your peptide synthesized with them, they will add deliquescence and oxidation protectants to every peptide to ensure that every vial you get will be in the same condition as when it had left the warehouse.

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