Common specialization which may be studied after bachelors of dental surgery

 There are different specializations which may be chosen by a bachelor of medical science, most of us may be knowing the major ones like cardiology, ophthalmology, gynaecology and many more. But do we have similar awareness about the specializations in dental surgery? If we check in the websites related to dental services like the ones found in dental clinic Arborg, we may come across terms like orthodontist, periodontics and many more which are like jargon to us. Let us try to get a basic idea about some common specializations in dental sciences:

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  1. Oral Surgery: It is a branch of dentistry which mostly takes care of the issues related to teeth, jaws and the tissue surrounding them. An oral surgeon does surgeries like tissue removal for biopsy and tooth extraction and cyst removal. They work along with the Arborg family dentist as a team while performing the surgery. They expertise in complex extractions of tooth with too much decay or with an uneven shape or position.
  2. Orthodontics: This branch of dentistry deals with issues related with the teeth, jaws and their positioning. An orthodontic may extract the teeth or make use of braces to resolve the issue related to the positioning and growth of the teeth. A dental clinic will have a team of dentists in Arborg who specialize in different specialities.
  3. Paediatric Dentistry: This branch of dentistry deals with the dental issue of children from infants till sixteen years. As children can’t bear the complex dental treatment, some treatments are done under general anaesthesia. An Arborg family dentist specializing in this speciality also know how to handle and calm the children where anaesthesia is not recommended. A dental clinic will definitely have a paediatric dentistry department.
  4. Periodontics: It deals with the issues related to the gums, the tissue surrounding it and the bone which is supporting the teeth.
  5. Prosthodontics deals with the solution for the missing teeth, the soft and the hard tissues surrounding it by using permanent or temporary prostheses like crowns, bridges or dentures.
  6. Endodontics deals with the issues related to oral pain, roots of teeth, the tissuessurrounding the teeth and mostly on the pulps (the canter of teeth occupied by nerves and blood vessels).
  7. Restorative Dentistry deals with the diseases of the teeth and structures of the oral cavity. It is a combination of specialities of endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics and takes care of restoring oral and dental tissues as per different requirements of the people.
  8. Oral medicine deals with the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of issues with the tissues of the mouth, salivary glands, and jaws.

 Apart from the common specialization mentioned above there are other specializations found in dentists in Arborg which are not that common. For example, Special Care Dentistry which deals with dental issues of people with disabilities. Dental Public Health deals with prevention of oral diseases, promotion of oral health. Oral Microbiology deals with the diagnosis of fungal and bacterial infections of the face and mouth which are done in the laboratory. Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology deals with the diagnosis of diseases of the mouth, jaws and salivary glands through the microscopic analysis of diseased tissues.Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology deals with imaging of the head and neck mostly the jaws and the teeth.

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