Different types of cosmetic dentistry observed in Peterborough

Cosmetic dentistry deals with the improvement of the oral appearance dealing with issues like missing teeth, chipped teeth, discolouration, crooked teeth, etc. Peterborough dentists employ different procedures for doing cosmetic dentistry. There are many treatments that one could have while thinking of cosmetic dentistry and here are a few of them.


Dental bonding is the most often used procedure to deal with broken, stained, chipped, cracked or spaced teeth. The procedure is perfected in clinics like and involves the use of composite resins. The composite resins are applies on the surface f the tooth to mould into a shape and hardened with the help of laser or UV light. The mould is polished to form a structure that would help to improve the dental structure of the individual. The procedure is fairly easy and take 1-2 sessions with the dentist and is very helpful to fill cavities and in protection of the teeth.



Sometimes teeth are irregular in structure and form misshapen or crooked teeth causing irregular bit and problems with the jaw joints. The best way a dentist in Peterborough would suggest is the use of dental braces to maintain a constant shape and pressure to the teeth. The jaw positioning is made proper with the use of orthodontic braces and they are prepared by using materials like porcelain, metal, ceramic, etc through which wires are introduced. They help in maintaining a stiff shape to the teeth and they can be removed once the teeth become perfect in nature.


Missing teeth can be inconvenient in a lot of ways. Dental bridges are useful to place artificial teeth in the gaps. It is a very easy procedure and requires only two sittings with the dentist. Dental bridges are made of porcelain, gold, alloys, etc. based on the interest of the patient. They are long lasting if taken care of properly.


If a tooth is damaged and there is no need for replacement then Peterborough dentists will opt for dental crowns [commonly called as caps]. They are simply placed over one or more teeth to take care of problems in size, appearance, shape and strength. The caps are long lasting too and are made of several materials.


Simply put, they are replacement teeth that can be removed. Dentures are generally of two types – partial dentures and complete dentures.  The former is used when there are still teeth in the patient and are placed in necessary places. The latter is used when there are no teeth at all in the bottom row or the upper row.  These are mostly associated with the elderly; although, men of age also use them.


Oral sensitivity has become a persistent problem because of the many changes mankind has been experiencing. Hot or cold sensitivity is due to gum recession and leads to decay and bone loss. The best way to counter this problem is to approach a dentist in Peterborough for undergoing gum grafts. In the procedure, health gum tissue from one part of the mouth is taken and placed in the problematic region so that all the mentioned oral problems disappear.

All the cosmetic dentistry treatments not only take care of oral diseases but also will perfect the smile of an individual.

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