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Learn how to Stay Melasma Free

Before getting into how to be melasma free each and every one must know what melasma is and its causes to treat it and be free from the effects of melasma. Melasma is nothing but just the effect of hyper pigmentation that causes brown patches or spots in different paths of the body. Melasma most commonly appears on the face and some other parts in the body like the cheeks, the upper lip, and the nose, and jaw line, middle region of the face, the forehead, neck, forearms and sometimes in the other parts of the body.

What causes melasma and who gets affected?

Melasma is caused due to the hyper pigmentation; pigmentation is nothing but the secretion of melanin pigment in the body. Melanin is the pigment that determines the skin color of each and every one. People who have light skin tone are said to have less melanin in their body where as people with dark skin tone are said to have more melanin cells in their body. Due to hyper melanin production the brown patches appear in most parts of one’s body the two main causes for melasma that triggers it is said to be exposure to sun and changes in the hormones.

Other causes are due to use of allergic cosmetic products, use of medicines that makes one’s skin sun sensitive, treatments that give way to hormonal changes and conditions that help hyper pigmentation. Melasma affects mostly women and only 1 in 20 men are said to get melasma where as 90 % of women get affected by melasma not to worry cause melasma is not life threatening or cancerous it is just due to just the over production of one’s pigment cells. People who mostly get affected in common are pregnant women, people having darker skin tone and people who get tan easily get melasma.

Melasma is curable:

Melasma isn’t non curable there are several ways to cure melasma and there are ways to prevent it from occurring so everyone has the opportunity to be Finally Melasma Free. There are both medical and natural products that cure melasma it is up to you to decide which one to choose but once you have chosen make sure you don’t change in the middle and the most important part of curing melasma is to stay patient and consistent in the treatment because it take time to cure it as it takes time to show up in your body.

Various types of medicinal melasma cure products they are:

  • Skin Cream
  • Sun screen lotions
  • Serums and

Some natural products are:

  • Turmeric
  • MSM
  • Castor Oil and
  • Coconut Oil.

Staying melasma free isn’t a tedious process we must take good care of our skin as good skin is also a part of having good health. Melasma patches are not itchy or irritating but it would make you feel good having brown patches in and around your face and other body parts. So be ready to prevent and be ready for cure.

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