When it is going to show that you are pregnant?

One of the most sought out questions from the would-be moms is,‘when will my pregnancy start showing.’ You need to take into account that each and every woman is different, and in the case of certain women, it can start showing as early as 12 weeks. This is the case with first time moms and in case of women, who have given birth earlier, it starts to show earlier. The main reason for it is that the muscles along with the uterus begin to stretch much earlier. In case of others, it can be later or earlier than this.

pregnancy start showing

In the early stages of your pregnancy, the belly is in the form of a pear. Over the course of the next few days, it goes on to become rounded until it resembles the size of a grapefruit. Then is astage bump when it starts showing as well. It is when you reach the stage of 16 weeks, your uterus will go on to stretch to accommodate the size of the growing baby. The shape of the bump takes centre stage, and this is that time when you begin to shop for baby clothes. Inthe case of some women, who are pregnant for the first time the bump will not show till they are into 20 weeks, and this is a time when the top of the uterus is in line with the button of your belly. There are several other factors which go on to determine whether you are pregnant in the first place.

  • In case of older moms, pregnancy signs are visible earlier than the younger lot. The reason for it is that the younger moms normally have tight abdominal muscles.
  • The heavy women may not show their pregnancy earlier when you compare it to the skinny women. In the case of tall women, it tends to emerge at a later stage.
  • The size of the baby too has a say. Say for example, if you are holding a small baby, the signs of pregnancy may be not that visible when you are carrying a heavy one. The degree of amniotic fluid which you carry around your baby does make a difference as well.
  • If you are carrying more than one baby, the signs of pregnancy are visible earlier
  • The deeper the pelvis the latter the chances of pregnancy do show.

If you have any concerns about the size of the belly, then your doctor can go on to arrange an ultrasound to make it a point that you have been provided with the correct due date. Though the information mentioned above only goes on to highlight the changes in the size of the belly, there are some apparent changes which you can figure out during the course of pregnancy. For example, within 9 weeks, you will find that the clothes are getting much tighter and your waist size increases. By 12 weeks, the breasts may become a bit bigger.

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