Brain tumour – Its causes, symptoms and doctor consultation

Brain tumour is the condition resulting in uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in the brain. There are several symptoms that help you to diagnose the situation. It is better to have an idea about the commonly occurring symptoms in the patients with brain tumour. With the advancement in medical technologies, success rate of brain tumour surgery have increased to its maximum. Early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to make you free from the dangers of brain tumour in the early stages itself. There are several reputed medical centers and hospitals in India to provide quality treatment including surgery for brain tumour.

What causes brain tumour?

Brain tumour can be divided in to two types based on the causes. They are primary and secondary brain tumour.

Primary brain tumour

This type of brain tumour originates in the brain or in nearby tissues including cranial nerves, brain-covering membranes, pineal gland or pituitary gland. This tumour starts with the mutation in the normal cells in their DNA. These errors or mutations promote the cells to grow and multiply at increased rates. The process continues and results in the death of healthy cells. Primary brain tumour is less common when compared with secondary brain tumour. At present with afford able cost of brain tumour surgery in India, you can operate the error cells.

Some of the important types of primary brain tumour include Meningiomas, Gliomass, Pituitary adenomas, Acoustic neuromas, Germ cell tumors, PNETs, Craniopharyngiomas etc.

Secondary brain tumour

In this brain tumour, tumours are resulting from cancer elsewhere in the body and then it gets spread to the brain. This tumour type is common in the people with history of cancer. In rare cases, this brain tumour can be first symbol of cancer that started elsewhere in the body. Secondary tumour is more common when compared with primary tumours.

Some of the common types of cancer that can spread to brain include Colon cancer, Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Kidney cancer, Melanoma etc.

Risk factors

The real cause of tumour is not clear in most of the people with primary brain tumours. But, there are several factors that can increase the risk of brain tumour. This includes your age, history of brain tumours and exposure to radiation.


Symptoms and signs of brain tumour can vary in accordance with the location, size and rate of growth. Some of the common symptoms and signs include change in headache patterns, gradual growth of headaches to severe and frequent ones, problems with vision, unexplained vomiting, difficulty with balance, lose of sensation, confusions in regular activities, difficulties with speech, hearing problems, changes in behavior and personality etc.

When to consult doctor?

If you experience any or few of the above symptoms, then it is the time to consult the doctor and to diagnose the problem. Affordable price of brain tumor surgery in India helps you to be free from the tumour problems without breaking the bank account. Countless people with brain tumour from different parts of the world visit India to get perfect treatment at affordable rates.


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