Lactation consultant at mother and baby’s service

To a new mother, breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally and many of them don’t know the actual procedure to breastfeed their babies. But they should not suffer for this and stay in dilemma. Thus, they seek lactation consultant’s help to resolve the problem.

The lactation consultant Mumbai will work with the mother by instructing them with the right techniques. The lactation consultants are highly trained professionals who provide both routine educations to new mothers and handle various complex situations. But before hiring a lactation consultant one should know some important things about them.

  • To seek their help doesn’t mean you are doing any wrong. During early days of feeding the new mothers and their babies experience some problems. And this is completely natural. The mothers don’t know how often to feed the newborn, how to pump and best breastfeeding positions. Thus, a lactation consultant helps them to know about the details.
  • Everyone is unique and different from others. And so, the procedures will also be different for everyone. This is also maintained by lactation consultants. They at first study the client and the baby’s behaviour and then suggest any techniques try.
  • To find a right and experienced lactation consultant is very necessary and this should be done before the delivery. You can ask any friend who has hired one before, your obstetrician or gynaecologist or pediatrician to recommend one. Again, one can easily find a lactation consultant online from the directory of International Lactation Consultant Association.

  • Hospitals are easily available with the lactation consultant. If you want then you can avail their assistance. Otherwise, if you already hired one then you can continue with your hired lactation consultant within the hospital.
  • The services they provide should be covered by your insurance. Under affordable care act, the insurers cover the service of professional lactation support. Thus, the bill they charge and everything will be verified by your insurance company.

Thus, a lactation consultant teaches the new mothers about the art of breastfeeding and mothers also develop and improve their mothering skills at their assistance. The lactation consultant also gives support to other health professionals to help women and their babies with various complications. Complications related to birth and other underlying medical ailments are also handled by them very efficiently. In hospitals and clinics, they are also employed as midwives, neonatal nurses, family health nurses, dieticians, medical offers or childbirth educator.

Lactation consultant to assist in Mumbai

The best lactation consultants in Mumbai can easily be found in hospitals, clinics, etc. Anyone can take help of from her childbirth educator, health-care provider or maternity hospital to find the best one.  Breastfeeding Association also helps to refer a lactation consultant. If you are planning for a delivery do check the fact that the hospital has the facility of a consultant. Generally, most of the hospitals provide it free of cost, whereas in some cases a charge is levied. If it is not there it would be a better idea to seek private help. You can do a random search and pick out the list of consultants in your area and if you are still struggling for help it would be a better idea to seek the opinion of your gynaecologist as he or she may have a better idea about the situation.

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