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Lipo Laser Treatment – A Painless Way to Get Rid of that Extra Pound

Do you sometimes wonder if you can at all fit back into the old pair of jeans? In this age of technology, it is no longer a dream. Losing fast weight is very much possible that too painlessly. The lipo laser technology addresses spot fat reduction by focusing on the problem areas and helps in body contouring. This non-surgical clinical procedure takes approximately about 40 minutes. Lipo laser is one of the most trusted fat reduction treatments which is eventually replacing liposuction.

About the lipo laser machines

The lipo laser machines are quite expensive, so you must have a good idea before you actually purchase one. You can take a quick look at the popular branded products available at one of the trusted websites http://www.usalipolasers.com. But there are certain basic factors that you should consider while making your purchase. Always go for a new generation machine that has a wavelength within a range of 635-670nm and a built-in cooling system. Then take a look at the surface area which helps in determining the strength of the machine and its infusion rate. There should be minimum 4 paddles to which you can later add more if required and these paddles should be made up of fiberglass. The diodes per paddle should have a capacity to deeply penetrate and must be distributed evenly. The laser radiation lens should always remain dust-free for smooth operation.

The process at a glance

The procedure uses low-level laser rays that safely penetrate into your body targeting the subcutaneous layer i.e. the fat cells. When these cells are permeated, they release the fatty acids, water and triglycerides. Once these triglycerides are released, your body uses them as energy. The fat cells thereby shrink resulting in the inch loss. Lipo laser treatment is known to release about 40-60gm of fat in a regular session of 30 to 40 minutes. This fat released gets absorbed by the lymphatic system where it is further broken down and processed by the liver and then it gets converted into energy. In this process, your body finally excretes the fat along with all other toxins naturally. This holistic approach is natural and safe for your body which also has no side-effects.

People who should go for this treatment

If you are not aiming at too much of weight loss but only concerned about the problem areas like waistline, arms, underarms, buttocks, thigh, upper, mid and lower back, chin, mid abdomen, then lipo laser treatment procedure is just ideal for you. It works in close coordination with the body’s natural weight loss mechanism. You should devote enough time from your day to day schedule for undergoing multiple sessions for several weeks. It is normally not recommended for obese people, pregnant women and people having pacemakers. This laser therapy will also not address any kind of weight gain caused by hormonal problems or any other physical issues.

So, get the machine that suits your patient’s requirement the best by selecting any of the branded models from the site http://www.usalipolasers.com.

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