Top ways to gauge your fitness

As children, we being quiet energetic we unconsciously push our body to its extremes giving them natural strength, energy, flexibility and endurance. The issue of fitness only arises when as we grow old and most of us not paying any heed to it, or only take it up when a serious health issue crops up. But now a day’s people are becoming more health conscious and fitness freaks due to the various life style diseases raising its head. This is where the role of a Fitness Trainer becomes quite prominent.

Thankfully they are many methods to gauge our fitness levels of which the most popular are listed below which can be categorized  based on  the whole body composition, aerobic fitness, flexibility ,muscular strength and  endurance .

Endurance tests: These tests determine the current VO2 and lactate threshold of the body as well as the maximum time the body takes to get exhausted.

1) Resting heart rate (RHR)-It is the number of times the heart beats in a minute when at rest. It gives a picture of the heart health and its fitness I.e. it assess the body’s aerobic fitness capacity (as a stronger heart will pump more blood and supply more oxygen to the muscles).This can be counted by noting the number of pulse either over the carotid artery near your windpipe or radial artery located on the palm side of the wrist in ten seconds. By multiplying the result with 6 gives us RHR / minute. For a healthy person it should be between 68-80 beats per second. For an athlete it may be close to 40 BPM. A lower a RHR indicates better aerobic fitness. Working out with a Fitness Trainer truly helps in this regard.

2)Mile Run: (or brisk walk): This can be attempted by any person who has never exercised  as it is task within reach for a normal healthy individual and the most basic one .It can have many variants ( in the distance and time ). It gives an account of how efficiently our body produces and utilizes energy. It also indicates cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Ideally 1 mile takes 9 min or less to cover in a run by a healthy person. This mile run can be modified into more challenging one of 2000 mtr under 7 minutes or 15 miles / 10 min etc. This type of variation in addition to aerobic fitness also measures lower and upper body fitness. Running or brisk walking must be done on a flat surface. If your body has higher aerobic capacity the heart will provide more oxygen to the working muscles thus increasing the muscle strength and endurance.

The above mentioned methods are few of the popular ones and are not ground breaking. It can include and exclude other methods which solely depends on the fitness level of the person to be tested, the person who is testing (everyone has their own favorites) and the purpose of testing (basic level of fitness or tracking a workout regime etc.).


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