Anavar – working and its benefits

Anavar is one of the most popular anabolic steroids used by body builders and athlete professionals.It builds lean mass muscleby cutting fat and enhances greater strength. It is more popular because of its mild nature and side effectfriendly. It is used during cutting sessions of body builders and enhances performance of athletescompeting in various sports activities like track or field races, cycling which require strength.

Anavar has second alteration at the 17thcarbon position in order to make it easy to pass through liver to avoid liver toxicity.

How it works

Anavar works on androgen receptor of the body by stimulating metabolism rate, which enhances faster lipolysis and burns fat at rapid pace. This enhances athletic performance.

Anavar posses therapeuticbenefits, which are effective for number of treatment plans like weight gain prescribed necessary for a person after a surgery or any chronic condition of weight loss. It is also proved to be effective for treating osteoporosis and increasing bone density.

Medically PRO CHEM LABS anavar is usedto promote hormonal growth in boys, who are delayed in their growth. It is also found effective in treating turner’ssyndrome in girls which causes delay in growth. It also resulted in breaking unnecessary fat in the abdomen.

Doses and cycles:

Anavar is popularly known for its use in cutting cycles and also for therapeuticuse. Depending on sickness or disorder it can be taken 5mg to 10mg of dose per day not exceeding 20mg when used in therapeutictreatment. It lasts for 2week to 4week cycles.

Anavar - working and its benefits

When in male athletes a dose of 20mg to 30mg a day gives good results. Some may find 40-50mg to be more effective if they can tolerate. Their cycles are 6weekto 8week long. Some even take 80mg a day but will be risky and causes severe side effects.

Female athletes are advised to take 5mg to 10mg only that is half the dose of male users. If they can tolerate15mg is also desirable but it is not recommended to take doses above 15mg a day because it increases risk factors with adverse side effects. Women cyclesare generally from 6weeks to 8weeks long.

Benefits and side effects:

Anavar is said to be unique among other anabolic steroid due to its mild nature and possess rare side effects.The athletes who used anavar had rarely complained about its side effects. Due to its structural alteration there is no liver toxicity found. This makes anavar used for longer cycles due to reduced liver damage whenused in recommended cycles.

It is said to be best instigators of synthesis of creatine phosphate in muscle tissue. It is commonly said by users that they retain great gains in strength for longer periods even after ceasing anavar use when compared to other steroids.

Due to its low androgenicity anavar is very popular among female athlete users.

There are some possible negative side effects in female users when they tend to take more than 15mg of dose per day. Some are like

  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Excessive facial and body hair
  • Suppressed appetite
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea
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