Top Tips to Treat Sleep Problems For Back Pain Sufferers

People suffering from back pain sure face troubles in sleeping.  More pain you have, less is your sleep and the less sleep that you get, your pain will increase. The first thing that can be done to reduce the pain is to get a good mattress that is comfortable for you. Your sleep position and the pillow you use also add to the back pain. Hence a good mattress and pillow should allow you to sleep in a position that has less pressure on your back and molds itself to your body shape. Some best recliners for back pain also give good support and relax your back.

Relieving for back pain:

Relieving your back pain depends on your personal sleep habits and also in knowing the cause of pain. Before you reach a doctor, you need to make some changes to your sleep positions and some life style changes to reduce the pain. If that does not help, you need to contact your doctor.  Many at times, back pain is caused due to physical stress and hence some life style changes will help. But there are other reasons also that can cause pain, like muscle issues, spine disc problems, fracture or sprain, arthritis, scoliosis etc. Depending on your problem, there are some treatments that can be given. However, do try the below tips before you consult a doctor:

Tips to treat sleep problems due to back pain:

  1. First thing is to check your mattress. If you are sleeping on an old mattress that you have been using for 8-10 years, it is time to change it. A good mattress should support your back and should be soft enough to mold as per your body shape and hence reduce the pressure on your pressure points in the back and spine. Studies show that you should change your mattress every 5 years to get a better sleep.
  2. The next step is to find a good mattress. There is no one mattress that suits everyone. A good mattress will be different for everyone as it depends on your body shape. Some might find comfort on a firm mattress while might feel comfortable on a medium firm mattress or a softer mattress.The ideas are that the mattress should allow a natural rest to your spine.
  3. Try different types of mattresses from memory foam, latex mattress to coiled mattresses. You can even try cushioningto support your back. You can visit a store and try them to ensure which suits your requirement. Many stores also have an option to try the mattress for 30-100 days and return it if it does not suit you. Be adventurous and do not hesitate to try.
  4. Good sleeping and resting positions also add to your back pain. When you are relaxing or reading or watching television, use a pillow in wedge shape to support your back/neck/head. Regular pillows can also help instead of a wedge pillow. Try to get good pillows that are soft and have memory foam that can support your neck properly so that your body is in shape as you sleep.Investing in some best recliners for back pain is also a good option.
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