Ways How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Revolutionize Your Life

Can one product or substance help you improve your overall health, beautify your skin, promote good hygiene, help cleaning your house, and also can be used in food? As fancy it may sound, but the answer is a resounding yes. Apple cider vinegar is that miracle substance that can perform all these tasks. It’s a highly nutritious and versatile substance that is very affordable and can be found very easily everywhere.

Apple cider vinegar is termed as a potent panacea by many experts and it can be used in most of the day to day activities. Unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar contains live colonies of bacteria and yeast that are responsible for fermentation and are beneficial for the body. Use of apple cider vinegar, like the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, regularly can revolutionize your life and can provide you many benefits in addition to its well-known health benefits.

If you’re wondering how you can use apple cider vinegar in your day to day life in addition to consuming it for better health, here are some of the areas of your life that could be benefited from apple cider vinegar:


This is probably the most commonly known benefits of apple cider vinegar and the factor that has made apple cider vinegar popular among people. Apple cider vinegar has been studied to positively impact the levels of blood sugar and carbohydrates in the body. It is also known to lower cholesterol levels in the body and increases the body metabolism as well.

This makes apple cider vinegar a great substance that could aid in weight loss. It also helps people suffering from diabetes and keeps the heart healthy. The good bacteria present in the apple cider vinegar make sure that your stomach is in good shape and also detoxify major organs of the body.


Generally, most of the personal hygiene products that you find in themarket today contain chemicals in them which in one way or the other affect the body adversely. Apple cider vinegar can act as a natural non-toxic substitute for those personal hygiene products that contain chemicals. You can use apple cider vinegar to wash and rinse your hair to balance the pH levels and get rid of dandruff from the scalp.

Dilute apple cider vinegar in a tub of water and soak your feet in them to get rid of odor and fungus that could develop on the nails. Apple cider vinegar can also act as an effective deodorant since it can kill the odor producing bacteria.


Same as the personal hygiene, the beauty products often contain harmful chemicals. You can ditch those beauty products and can use apple cider vinegar as a natural toner, effective aftershave, and also a conditioner. It can also help you make your skin smoother, all you need to do is just take some apple cider vinegar in cotton and then apply it on your face gently.


The antimicrobial properties of apple cider vinegar make it an effective natural house cleaner agent. Just add some apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle, dilute it, and then clean the areas you want to. You can also add some essential oils and natural ingredients in the solution that could help you get rid of the smell of apple cider vinegar. It could also be used to clean fruit and vegetables.


In addition to all the aforementioned uses, apple cider vinegar can also be used in food. It can be used as a perfect salad dressing and can also be used in some sauces. You can also add apple cider vinegar to your rice before cooking it for a fluffy and light finished product.

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