What Are The Things To Look For While Finding A Doctor For Endoscopy?

Are you having digestive issues for some time? Feeling bloated all the while?  Can’t swallow properly?  Well, problems in digestive track can take to fatal outcomes if not addressed on time. It calls for a thorough endoscopy screening to diagnose and address the problem before it gets out of control. But endoscopy is a complex procedure and you need to consult with a credible Gi Doctor Redding for your endoscopy test.

Here are some points to check while you are looking for a gastroenterologist for your endoscopy.

Your primary task is to get a comparative study on at least 3 GI doctors before you make the final decision. The comparative analysis will help you to study the doctors in terms of certain important parameters –

ASGE membership

This is one of the most important points to check while you are looking for a reliable gastroenterologist for your endoscopy. Your chosen doctor should hold membership with American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. ASGE certification assures that the doctor has taken the needed advanced training in endoscopy redding and hence is qualified to provide an expert screening. Moreover, ASGE undertakes stringent vetting process to find out the most experienced & knowledgeable GI professionals. The members have to provide detailed evidence of their training and experience to earn the ASGE membership. Thus, if you are going to an ASGE-certified doctor, you will know you are in one of the best hands.

Find somebody in your area

It is advised that you try to find an experienced GI endoscopist near your area. You can take the help of ASGE site here. The website allows the visitors to find nearest gastroenterologists on the basis of zip code.

Number of endoscopies

A lot of patients hesitate to ask the doctor directly about his track record. But it’s your basic right to know about the doctor’s performance history before you select him for your screening. So, do not hesitate to ask your gastroenterologist about the number of endoscopies he had performed till date. The one you take to should have performed minimum 130 endoscopies during his training.

Anesthesia risk assessment

Though endoscopy is a safe procedure yet some patients have reported of extensive sedative effects even after the screening. Your body won’t be able to withstand anesthesia if your immune system is not strong enough. Thus, reliable doctors always take an anesthesia risk assessment on patients before taking the endoscopy. Make sure your doctor follows the same and that too as per ASA (American Society of Anesthesia) standards.

Disinfection facility in the clinic or hospital

This is another major point to take care of while you are looking for a gastroenterologist for your endoscopy. Your doctor should be very particular about dedicated reprocessing or disinfection equipment and personnel.  He must also take the regular assessment of his reprocessing staff to ensure proper maintenance of disinfection standards in his hospital.

Emergency assistance

It’s good if your gastroenterologist assures 24/7 emergency assistance for immediate attention to sudden medical emergencies.

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