One of the harsh yet not dead conditions is the Baby Eczema. There is no special reason for this condition and no direct solution to it. This occurs on babies with age one to five years. The condition itself is harmless but, can attract infection which might be dangerous.

What is Baby Eczema?

It is a condition during which the affected part, the skin gets dried up and forms cracks with redness. It is followed by itching. There is no specific reason as what is the condition that helps its growth, but most of the doctors have it to be genetically related. They get passed down from family. They are known to spread from scalps to the toes so care must be taken that it does not spread among the babies.


There are no specific symptoms associated with it. It offends is mixed with dry skins as it looks almost similar except the fact that it is more redness and also itching of the affected area.

This symptom is sometimes confused with cradle cap, but there are some key differences. Cradle cap is much less red and scaly, and usually appears on parts of the scalp, sides of the nose, eyelids, eyebrows, and behind the ears, where as Baby Eczema is more redness and can be found aTnywhere from scalp to the tip of the toe.

It’s best to visit a doctor and determine it if the condition persists. Also, are the more compact view of Baby Eczema being cracked skin, redness and skin imperfection.

Steps to Control Baby Eczema:

There is no direct solution for this condition, you have to wait and let it heal on its own. For that, you must make sure that it is never dry and that it does not attract infection.

  • The first thing you should take care that you should never keep it dry. There are special lotion and cream that are available which you must use to moisturize the affected area.
  • You should never allow the baby to scratch the affected area. Scratching will lead to spread of the condition and also attract infection which will be deadly.
  • Must visit a doctor and consult him. Make sure the baby eats the prescribed medicine regularly to help to cure it.
  • If the affected spread too much consults the doctors. They have a special UV-B machine which filters the ray fasten the curing and also preventing any spread of infections
  • Make sure you clean the area affected, but donot use just any soap or cleanser. Use special kind of soap made for this purpose.

It always better to take prevention before. As there is greater chance of occurring on your baby if you had it then it’s better to consult some doctor and take measure. As it is said it’s better to be prepared than to be sorry.

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