As you read this, you’ve probably heard many things concerning this topic and you may have your doubts, or arguments for this view. Fitness is a very important thing in one’s life and it should not be the cause of any of our problems which makes me ask again, can weight lifting actually stunt your growth? So, let’s assume a statement; ‘Weight lifting can stunt your growth’

The statement can be disagreed with because, when it comes to fitness, it does not depend on the amount of work you do but, how you do it. Oh yes! it does depend on the person and when I talk of how you do it, I mean, if you’re doing it right or just for the sake of getting buff and pumped up. If you are doing it right, i.e eating a balanced diet and lifting according to your ability, you will get positive results both in fitness and in growth. But, if you’re not doing it right i.e eating very little food and prematurely lifting extremely heavy weights (Not for your standards) then results will be negative everywhere and so, it is all about caution.

However, the above statement can be agreed with because, nowadays, we see hundreds of teens who have been involved in fitness since they were children in the 8th grade (Something I’ve observed on my own) and they have remained with the same height since which tells us that it is very unsafe to start at a very early age. People get into fitness and soon after, they stop growing in height or their growth is very slow. The regular exercise is what speeds up growth rate but as soon as one starts lifting weights, the growth stops.

Then again, it’s all about you. If you’re doing it to just get buff and look good, everything will indeed fall apart. But, if you’re doing it to stay in shape and be healthy or to maintain a new discipline, you’re more likely to succeed. Also, as much as one may stop growing the moment they pick up the weights, they increase in body mass and the body fat is burned of which makes the body pure muscle. You see, the person’s rapid growth stops because all the nutrients necessary for muscle building go into building the muscle. How does it stop the growth? If you only eat stuff rich in protein, that’s what will go into your muscles. It is also a nutrient which is necessary for growth but it is all gone into the muscles and so, one’s growth will stop. But, if a balanced diet is observed, there will be more nutrients necessary for growth in the body aside from protein. Therefore, we can say that the act of lifting weights does not stunt your growth.


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