Getting over drug abuse

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem that has a number of negative consequences that need to be dealt with. California is one place where drug and alcohol abuse has been increasing day by day mainly because of its easy availability. In fact drugs like marijuana are grown in fields in California which makes them readily available and quitting such drugs becomes quite impossible. There are a number of rehab centres in California that deal with such problems; southern California rehab is the best one to go to.

Ocean hill recovery is the rehab in southern California that is known for its therapy and rehab programs. This rehab is best for those who want to start their journey of recovery in a safe, supportive and homely environment. It has the best of doctors, therapists, counsellors and nurses to look after the rehab patients. It also allows the patients to focus on their recovery; free from outside world and other distractions. They have a wide variety of treatment options dealing with different problems and drug abuses. The programs designed by them treat the patients medically, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally.

Programs offered by the rehab centre

Rehab south California offers the following programs to its patients:

  • Detox- The first of all programs is the detox program; a detox period is necessary before the rehab therapy is started. In this the medical staffs helps the patients to detox completely from alcohol and other drugs so that they can engage themselves in the full fledged treatment. Once the detox is done then the treatment starts.
  • Family therapy- In this the family members of the patients are taught how to support their loved ones in a situation like this. It in a way educates the family members about drug abuse and its consequences and about the role the family members play in the recovery process. Awareness is the most important thing for recovery.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy- This therapy helps in treating addiction and also in dealing with mental disorders. It helps in removing negative thoughts and harmful thinking that lead to an unhealthy life.
  • Recreational therapy- It helps in building a healthy leisure program for the patients; it consists of a number of recreational activities that help in rejuvenating the patients. Exposure to the feeling of joy and pleasure is very important for recovery.
  • Recovery education- Topics such as self-esteem, adolescent development and gender issues are dealt under this program of recovery and growth.
  • Relapse program- Fear of relapsing is quiet common but instead of going through the whole program again the medical staff tries to help the patients in identifying the extreme consequences of the addiction.
  • Mutual support groups- Recovery is done with the help of other patients; the peers encourage each other through stories that help them in getting over their addictive issues.

So this rehab in south California has a number of programs that are designed to help the addictives get over their addiction completely.

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