How Change in Temperature Can Damage Our Health

If you have wet hair or if you are sweaty in a sudden change in the outside temperature, you are at great risk of inflammation of the facial neve that causes paralysis, which most often looks dramatic and can be painful. The corner stone dentist peterborough has all the right health – related answers you need.

The change in temperature on the facial nerve, which passes through the middle ear so that the blood capillaries contained in the membrane that wrap the nerve wider, leak more blood, leading to nerve-pressing. Breaking the impulse leads to the paralysis of the side of the face on which the nerve is pressed. Symptoms include burning sensation, muscle weakness, and in the end, distortion of the face. In addition to these general symptoms, there may also be a lack of taste, as well as the impression that the person cannot hear very well.

Although it is something that happened due to improper care, the help of a doctor in this condition is necessary. Otherwise, facial paralysis can damage the eye because the eyelids cannot be fully closed, tears do not go into the tear duct and the eye gets dried.

When it comes to therapy, corticosteroids are used according to a particular scheme, because it is most important that the inflammation around the nerve is reduced. Since corticosteroids are strong drugs, which have side effects, the therapy involves the inclusion of drugs that protect the mucous membrane of the stomach and excessive loss of electrolyte, or more precisely, potassium.

Wrap and massage
Diagnosis of the inflamed nerve of the face is based on clinical examination, X-ray, otologic examination, depending on the possible cause. For therapy with drugs, it is recommended to warm towels and apply it on the area, facial massage and activating the muscles in front of the mirror – massage the forehead, close the eyes, show your teeth…

Accidental temperature changes are a great shock to the body. So, you should also avoid bathing with too cold water, as well as drinking cold drinks.

In addition to facial paralysis, the effect of hot-cold can provoke inflammation to other nerves on the head. The consequences are trigeminal neuralgia and cluster headache. However, these diseases are most often conditioned by other pathophysiological mechanisms, but care is also needed to keep the head from rapid temperature changes.

Trigeminal neuralgia, or inflammation of the fifth brain nerve responsible for transmitting the feeling of contact, pain, pressure and face temperature in a certain part of the brain, is the most unpleasant pain that can be felt.

Initially, pain develops spontaneously, and afterwards it can be provoked by touching the face, chewing, washing teeth, speaking, laughing, shaving or some other way. It is mostly present on one side of the face while it is very rarely occurring at the same time. The cluster of headaches mainly affects men. It is characteristic with the fact that it occurs in the same period of the year, often with night attacks and it is extremely painful, it happens always on the same side of the head.

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