Is Telomere testing a sure way to know more about your health?

There are many companies that offer telomere testing kits because of how popular it has become over the years. It became popular because of how much it has helped millions of people worldwide. This is a big step in knowing if you have underlying conditions and so much more. It has garnered so many fans and the good news is that it is spreading like wildfire.

With popularity comes something that you can call fake. How do you know if that company is legitimate and won’t steal your money? There are many factors to that. You will need to make a research first and wonder why they don’t have a social media or a website. Ask around if they are known and do some sleuthing around. Maybe you can wonder why they cost so cheap for something that usually costs hundreds. After gathering evidence, you may have got yourself a faker.

Know more about Telomeres

These are the DNA caps at the tips of chromosomes protecting the important information-carrying DNA in your cells from injury during cell division. They shorten as cells divide until they reach the Hayflick limit when they’re too short to withstand any more division, essentially leading to cell death or apoptosis. (This happens in most cells, but not all.) After this discovery, decade’s worth of research has gone into finding a link between telomere length and aging, not just of each of your cells, but over the course of a human lifetime. You have to look for some expert who won’t lead you on and will willingly give you advice regarding this.

Possibly flawed research

Entrepreneurs are convinced there is a market for telomere measuring. You can alsotest again and again to monitor how your healthy lifestyle interventions are affecting their length.This idea is flawed for many reasons. First, there are a lot of discrepancies in the literature beyond the most general finding:age and telomere length are related. It is also known that women have longer telomeres than men, which fits with females’ longer lifespan. But, non-white people have longer telomeres than white people although they on average live shorter lives. Even though there are myriad considerations in lifespan discrepancies between races, it is one-piece evidence that telomere data doesn’t always fit the real world.To the end, it’s unclear of telomere length is really of any clinical value. Is it truly a valuable biomarker for unhealthy behaviours?

Do your own research!

In order for you to make sure, you will want to look around and ask for some advice from other people who have had their telomere tested and you will know if it greatly affected their lifestyle or not. It is better if you hear from people who experienced it first-hand because of the credibility it gives off.

Ultimately, it is better to be safe than sorry. Even if you get yourself tested or not, starting a healthy lifestyle can help you live longer. Being strong and healthy is a big win no matter what the circumstances are.


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