Testosterone boosters Long-Term Effects

Synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids used can result in Testosterone side effects. These side effects can range from mild to quite severe and some may be permanent. Bayer pharmaceuticals manufacture this Nibedo and it is a brand name. This drug is nothing but testosterone undeconoate. Based on the manufacturer it is available in varieties of brand names around the world. Check out the top testosterone boosters on the market. By looking at the molecular structure, one should decide the product is genuine or fake.

Testosterone Side Effects:

The side effects caused by Testosterone are almost similar to those resulted from the use of an anabolic androgenic steroid. Some of the common side effects are

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Changes found in skin texture and condition, for example worsening of acne.

These are considered as mild side effects and will easily reduce once the body gets adjusted to the drug. People with endocrine or metabolic disorders will experience long term and severe side effects. Some users may experience serious side effects. The risk associated with side effects increases as the user takes higher doses. Some of the severe side effects reported are

  • Abdominal bloating
  • Water retention
  • Gynecomastia, a condition in which there will be development of male breast tissue
  • Priapism- in this condition user experiences painful, long and frequent erections

There will be alarming and unexpected side effects when hormone imbalance occurs in the body. Few of this type of issues take really long time to get solved and body takes long time to get back to the normal level. It is also possible that an androgenic anabolic steroid may end up in life threatening effects.

Some of the severe side effects resulted from Testosterone are polycythemia and variation in cholesterol levels in the body. If the body produces too much of red blood cells then it will result in polycythemia. This may lead to clotting. If in case blood clots happen in lungs and lower limbs, then it may result in stroke or heart attack. Learn more about the top testosterone boosters on the market here.

The density of HDL and LDL must be in proper balance in the body. When user takes too much of anabolic androgenic steroid, it results in decreasing HDL and increasing LDL. This may result in building up of plaque that too inside the arteries and it increases the risk of atherosclerosis.

This can also lead to strokes, heart attacks, and many other cardiovascular issues. Other than this usage of Testosterone can lead to increased blood pressure. Along with this there are cases where it has led to hypertrophy, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest, and ventricular fibrillation. That is why manufacturers always suggest that user must take proper precautions before using this drug.

Even though the drug is used under supervision of the doctor and in medical condition, the negative effects can occur. When taking this drug it is necessary to visit the doctor frequently and go for blood tests and it is important to monitor testosterone levels.

Testosterone Bodybuilding Side Effects:

When Testosterone used for bodybuilding to enhance the muscle mass and using it in improper dosage, it can result in many side effects. Some of them are

  • Liver toxicity- even though users go for drugs which help in reducing the toxicity it will not help.
  • Impotence- This is the result of suppressing naturally produced testosterone. This may lead to shrinking of testicles. This condition is called testicular atro So, this has significant impact on fertility.
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