3 ways on how to pass a hair drug test for thc

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the ingredient found in cannabis plant and is responsible for many physiological effects of marijuana on a person. Now here are three ways on how to pass a hair drug test for thc:

  1. Detox your blood, hair and urine off marijuana- to pass a drug test for marijuana you would have to completely avoid using marijuana for at least 30 days. This would detoxify your hair follicle, urine and blood.
  2. Use detoxifying shampoo- use some detoxifying shampoos that evade the drug from the hair follicle which is essential to pass a drug test. Certain detoxifying shampoos are available in the market which neutralizes the marijuana trace on the hair. You can even shave off the hair just before 10-15 days of the test. It takes around 7 days for 1 inch of hair to grow.
  3. Clean your blood- traces of marijuana float in the bloodstream for some time when a person takes marijuana. So for this one would have to completely stop taking it 30 days before the test. Stop taking any sort of drug before the test. Increase the intake of water consumption. Water is said to be the universal and the best solvent n washing out the toxins from the body.

So these are few possible steps which can be taken if a person has to positively pass a hair drug test. One has to stop the marijuana intake before the test to pass it.

How to pass a hair drug test easily?

The hair drug test is something which barricades the solid and normal individuals from gaining success. It can also acts as a hurdle for the qualified competitors from landing into the position or getting confused on the existing issues which are legitimate. If you are also about to go through the hair follicle test, then you should not hassle, as now you can know how to pass a hair drug easily without much efforts. There are several ways to beat this hair drug test, all you need to know about as how to pass a hair drug test and get your position without any problem.

How the tests are carried out!

When you are going under the tests for drug detection then a question may strike in your mind that how to pass a hair drug test for thc. These tests are done specifically on the hair because the traces of these drugs remain in the hair follicles for a long time.

The look back time for the drug is more than 90 days that is why this remains the most preferred test by many people.


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