Getting aware of Equipoise

It has become very easy to get the reviews these days. If you are planning to buy anything, or try anything for the first time, you could always go online and check for the reviews, where people who have used the product would have put in their comments. Based on the reviews you could finally decide whether you want to go for it or not. Similarly one will get the reviews of the Equipoise brand as well online.

What is Equipoise?

Equipoise is an injectable anabolic androgenic steroid which is basically made as veterinary drug, commonly used on horses. They take precautions even while using it on horses. They found increased aggression in animals. Hence when someone is using an animal graded steroid on humans, they have to be totally aware of its pros and cons. Steroids is used by the athletes to enhance their performance. It also helps athletes to sustain through the longer practice sessions. Steroids are also used by bodybuilders to increase the muscle mass. They generally have a bulking season where they tend to eat more in order to increase their muscle mass.

Reviews of Equipoise

Since it is not a drug that is used by the humans you would not find any reviews from a doctor. Hence the dosage will not be mentioned. Basically you could expect the review from someone who have used it, and might get the information as to whether the drug is effective or not, whether the desired results were achieved or not. Equipoise is a form of dihydrotestosterone. Basically all the steroids are a form testosterone; hence it develops the male sex characteristics. The androgenic steroids often aromatize, which converts the testosterone in the body into estrogens, which in men might cause the much thought about gynecomastia, i.e. increase in the breasts for men.

Generally the people giving the reviews of the Equipoise brand have already used, hence it could be believed. .It is also suggested that you stay away from this steroid if you are already suffering from anxiety. Since it raises your RBC count, which is the main reason for anxiety and blood pressure issues in many. Body builders generally take this during bulking season, as it increases the appetite to a huge amount hence you tend to get hungrier. Basically Equipoise is suggested to start with 200 mg per week, however in different forums; they have suggested start using 400 mg per week. It is always suggested to start with a smaller amount as you want to see how any drug will react in your body. People also suggest not taking the whole dosage at a time, instead divide equally twice or thrice a week.

There are side effects not only on humans, but also on animals which can affect the liver or kidney. It decreases the production of sperm which in turn causes infertility. There are chances of gynecomastia. When taken by women, they might develop some male characteristics in women. Also be very cautious and don’t ignore any side effects.

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