Medicines to avoid during your pregnancy

Taking over the counter drugs is a very bad habit that a lot of people indulge in. During emergencies or very simple and common ailments, people head out to the pharmacy without consulting a doctor first. This is a practise that is best avoided especially when you are pregnant. If you are expecting, then it is best to avoid over the counter drugs. In fact there is a lot of medicines that you need to avoid when you are pregnant.

What if I have the wrong medicine?

There is a reason why there is a prescribed medication list for pregnancy that is to be avoided. If you have the wrong medicine then it might give rise to a series of complication, from not so serious to even fatal ones which will harm the foetal growth. There are known cases which show that mothers with epilepsy who are having any kind of epilepsy medication are very likely to give birth to children with some congenital defect or the other. There are ways to bypass this and control the damage, but for that one needs to avoid taking medications they have been having for a long time, especially without consulting a doctor first.

What medicines to avoid?

While the basic structure of every human being varies, there are certain common medicines that work well for everyone. However there are some generic medicines that you need to avoid when you are pregnant. Here is a list of medication for pregnant women that are to be avoided:

  1. One of the most common ailments that we have are headaches and some of the most common medicines that we have for this are aspirins. But it is best to avoid aspirins when you are expecting. So what can you do in case of headaches? You can try out medicines like Tylenol, which are far more effective and a safer alternative.
  2. Brompheniramine is another drug that is used to treat common cough and cold, but you need to avoid that. While you can have this medicine in limited doses during the first few weeks of your pregnancy, it is not at all recommended for mothers who are heavily pregnant. All in all this drug is best avoided especially since you have safer alternatives like Claritin and Zyrtec.
  3. Ibuprofen is another very common household drug that people to use to reduce pain and often bring down temperature. When you are pregnant, do not think about having ibuprofen since they should not be taken during this time. Instead you can try out Tylenol.
  4. Naproxen is another medicine that is to be avoided when you are pregnant. Tylenol is another alternative for this medicine.
  5. Avoid Bismuth subsalicylate when you are pregnant. This can cause pretty serious harm and hence it is important to avoid this medicine. If you are looking for an alternative, then you should try out Imodium which is equally effective with no risks during pregnancy.

Now that you know which common medicines to avoid during pregnancy and their safer alternatives, ensure a healthier and happier pregnancy for you!

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