Quit Smoking Ads and Quit Smoking Aids – Are They Working?

You can barely turn on the television today without seeing an advertisement to encourage people to quit. In many local communities, the law is passed to ban smoking in most public places, and if you’re addicted to smoking, you can try E-cigarettes. Some states have adopted strict regulations without smoking. Recently Centers for Disease Control started in a very expensive media campaign aimed at smoking issues.

However, the statistics are sad.

Over the last three decades, the smoking rate in the United States still accounts for about 20% of the population, despite all these media campaigns!

In addition, we have seen a “threat to smoking” that come on the market in the last decade that includes many forms and types of the nicotine patch, gum, aerosol, and vapor as well as many, many types of E-cigarettes. Pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of these aids are trying to find ways to reduce smoking puzzles.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

These products only identify chemical nicotine in the human body by the oral, nasal or transdermal route. The idea is that by getting their nicotine addiction in a satisfying manner while introducing tars and harmful chemicals from tobacco, smokers will have a healthier life. Of course, this mental error is the remaining nicotine addiction!

Many pharmaceutical companies have come on the market with drug therapies to help a smoker break down his nicotine addiction. These have been successful at a limited level, although the risks of obtaining such drugs are becoming clearer. If you only listen on a TV commercial for one of these varenicline products, the bulk of the ad is used to warn of dangerous side effects, including the risk of suicide or death! (It’s a pretty serious impact!)

There are also a number of ongoing prosecutions, including large type-based prosecutions that relate to injuries or deaths to patients on prescribed medications. For this reason, many doctors will no longer be able to prescribe varenicline products.

With all the “quick fix” solution to the smoking problem that has driven the market and into our homes, one might think that as a society we are making big strides in reducing smoking. But, unfortunately, we are not!

Stop smoking ads, while aiming to educate smokers about the dangers, has the opposite effect on many hard-core smokers! Smoking is not a logical problem. Smoking no longer starts for a good logical reason and no one continues to smoke because they think it’s kind of good for them.

Therefore, smokers usually do not stop for a purely logical reason.

They have heard of all the statistics on how smoking is dangerous for them and for others – and they are no longer forced to leave! Dumping more logical reasons and graphics of dying people is not.

After someone has been smoking for a while, they have an integrated defense mechanism against the efforts to try to get them off! They have come up with all sorts of rationalizations and justifications for which they should not leave. Hit more and more reasons to stop just reinforcing their determination to continue!

The need is an education! We need to educate smokers about the psychological, sociological and cultural elements that occur in them and finally recognized that smoking is more than simple nicotine addiction, they can have complete influence Graduation is a very good thing.

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