6 Types of Medical Tapes and How to Use Them

Medical tapes are used for different purposes and this goes without saying that they are an integral part of any hospital or care facility. At the time of building a portable first aid kit, you can follow the one-size-fits-all approach. This way you will be able to save a lot of space and weight. But for a larger kit you must choose something that will be able to address a wider range of needs.

Here are some of the varieties of medical tapes that are used both at homes as well as medical facilities like hospitals. Through these, you will be able to gain some idea about the different types of medical tapes and how they can be used.

1. Durapore Medical Tapes – This one offers a high adhesion to dry skin and also possesses silk like strong backing. This tape is usually very sturdy and adheres to the unique shapes of the body and is ideal for bulky dressings. It is completely latex-free and can be used with small splints and heavy tubing.

2. Blenderm Medical Tapes–This is a medical tape that is water-proof and made of clear plastic. It happens to be a flexible and occlusive tape that helps to protect the wounds from external fluids and getting contaminated. It is not enlisted under the latex-free category.

3. Microfoam Tape –This one is something that is completely water-proof and stretches in all directions. This one is particularly meant for compression applications. Therefore you can use Microfoam tapes in the areas that are challenging. It is completely latex-free and it is a highly comfortable closed cell tape.

4. Medipore Tape – It is soft type of a surgical tape. It is breathable, conformable and a very gentle product. These Medipore tapes are actually available in perforated rolls that can be easily torn. These are primarily used for larger dressings. They are used in areas where the skin may stretch. It is so gentle that you can use it time and again. This one is not enlisted under the latex-free category.

5. Transpore Plastic Tape –This one is clear with easy bi-directional tear. It happens to be a perforated polyethylene film as a result of which it can be torn very easily into thin strips.

6. Micropore Paper Tape – This one is very gentle and breathable and comes with a rayon backing. This tape is primarily used for general dressing and works great for fragile and at-risk skin. It is latex-free and can be repeated on the same skinarea.

How to Make the Best Use for Medical Tapes

The doctors and the medical practitioners always say that there is a particular way in which medical tapes should be used. You should be careful and touch the sticky part of the tape as less as possible. At the time of placing it down you should apply even and gentle pressure to the top. This ensures complete contact with the skin. This helps to keep the tape edges from rolling and losing adhesion.

Most of the adhesives stick to dry and clean surfaces in a better way. That is why you should try to avoid moist skin as much as possible. This is something that is applicable for all types of medical tapes including durapore tape. Try to not use lotions and choose your soap very carefully at this juncture. They may prevent the tape from sticking because of the emollients and the oils that are used in them. You can use a skin prep like that of Cavilon barrier film from 3M if the adhesive is bothering your skin. Prior to applying the medical tape you should allow the film to dry completely. Keep it in mind that your skin should be healthy and the tape should not be making it unhealthy. If you are concerned with any part of the skin you should consult with your medical team.

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