Heartburn during pregnancy: Some useful to tips to provide respite

Women during their pregnancy phase are likely to experience plenty of changes taking place in her body. One such unfortunate change that she might experience is frequent heartburn. This is said to take place before and during the 2nd trimester period. The stomach as well as other organs would feel pressure of the growing child in the womb. Combined with this pressure are the hormonal changes which bring about slow digestion, thus leading to showing symptoms of heartburn.


One effective way to avoid heartburn will be to change the eating habits. The stomach is not to be too full, since there will be acid overflow. Rather than consume large meal at a single sitting, it will be wise to have smaller meal. But there will be required sufficient intake of calories, as she now has to eat for two. More meals will be required at this stage.

Another important aspect is that she is not to rush while eating. Food is to be chewed properly and thoroughly as this will reduce workload on the digestive system. It will be a good idea to chew a gum piece after finishing eating. Besides curing breath, increased production in saliva will help negate acid effects which may otherwise travel into the esophagus. One should also get proper treatment for neurological disorders after pregnancy.

What to avoid?

  • There are few foods that are found to be responsible towards causing heartburn. They are generally greasy or spicy in nature. Soft drinks can also show such symptoms due to carbonation. The other foods causing heartburn problems include tomatoes and citrus fruits.
  • But it is necessary to understand that not every woman is the same. Some might experience symptoms of heartburn during pregnancy simply after consuming plain rice. It will be useful to keep proper track of the food causing heartburn after consuming. This way, it can be avoided in the future.
  • The pregnant woman might be eager to take a small nap after consuming some food. Medical experts do not recommend sleeping after eating something. This is because, lying down will only negate gravity‚Äôs beneficial effects by retaining acid within the stomach. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to stay awake and upright for about 2 hours, thus giving sufficient time to the stomach to absorb it.
  • Heartburn pain can also be experienced by pregnant women at night. This can be avoided by elevating the head during sleep. This steep angle will ensure that acid does not reach the esophagus. Upon elevating the head, the pregnant woman will enjoy greater comfort. A wedge pillow can also be used for serving the purpose.

Fortunately, symptoms of heartburn experienced during pregnancy are not likely to last for a long time. One can get quick respite by taking heartburn medication during pregnancy after consulting the physician. But medication should be taken only if there is faced extreme heartburn.

Also, it will be useful for the pregnant woman to gather knowledge from the web on how to deliver the baby safely.

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