Being aware about a yeast infection during the course of pregnancy

Being prone to yeast infection is common than any other period in the life of a woman. It tends to occur all the more in the second trimester of pregnancy. Though infections do not create a huge risk for the mother and the baby, a certain degree of discomfort is for sure caused to the mother. If it is not treated it could be passed from the mother to the baby in the form of a thrush. Pregnancy infections medicine will help you to get rid of this situation.

Why this tends to occur in the first place

The main reason for which yeast infection tends to take place in the body is where an imbalance of yeast and acid takes place in the body. When a lady is pregnant many chemical changes tend to take place in the body of a woman and this includes hormonal changes. This is pretty obvious during the course of pregnancy and increased levels of estrogen are found at this juncture. Vaginal secretions are known to contain more sugar and this is the perfect yeast food to feed upon.

The symptoms

In case of pregnant woman certain symptoms points to a yeast infection. This may include vaginal itching, or an excess amount of white discharge that smells like bread, soreness or pain while intercourse of urinating is also common. In certain cases the yeast infection could pave way for a greenish or yellowish discharge.

The treatment

When you are about to treat a yeast infection during pregnancy it cannot be undertaken without consulting a doctor first. Some are of the opinion that they have Candidiasis, that is a particular type of STD or a particular type of Physical infection. The symptoms of yeast infection coupled with these conditions may seem to be a lot similar to other conditions,  and this is the reason on why a doctor’ opinion is a must.

In fact most of the doctors are going to recommend creams and oral drugs are not recommended for treatment of yeast infections. A regular use of topical creams is being suggested for 7 days in a row. In all these treatments creams are being applied in the vagina before going to bed. Around 7 to 14 days are taken for the condition to be eliminated till the woman is pregnant.

It is not about treating the infections, an eye should be given to the fact that it does not occur again. The lower the situation that a woman is likely to face this situation, they could adopt a set of healthy habits to protect themselves. Some of the healthy habits would be to have a healthy diet during pregnancy.

Having an infection is pretty much common during the stage of pregnancy and a doctor should consult a doctor at the first possible juncture. Treatment of aids in pregnancy is not something that can be turned a blind eye and prevention is the best course of action.

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