Life changing programs for troubled youth

Teenage between13-20 years is the delicate stage in everyone’s life. Many teenagers and even young adults face behavioural problems in today’s world which include depression, stress, Anxiety, drug abuse, bullying, eating disorders, cyber addiction, underage sex, drinking addiction, suicides, and many more psychological and behavioural disorders which are interlinked to one another. Problems like low self esteem, lacking confidence, peer-pressure, family problems account for the troubles faced by youth. Firstly it is the responsibility of parents to figure out the issues that cause these problems in their children and should support them fight their problems by choosing troubled teen programs.

Anasazi Foundation

Choose the best program

Consult a professional or counsellor who can advise different types of programs effective for treatment of troubled teenagers based on age, gender and choose the one which best suits the child’s problem. Different programs¬† in practice are Boot camps, Residential treatment centres, boarding schools, military academy, wilderness camps. In the above all programs, Wilderness camps is proved to be the best in bringing long-lasting change in the patients. Many good foundations offering wilderness programs for youth include Anasazi foundation, which is a pioneer wilderness therapy foundation. Blue fire wilderness therapy, wilderness therapy program- trails Carolina, Blue ridge therapeutic wilderness and many more.

Types of programs

  • Wilderness therapy is a short term therapeutic camps which are designed for several days to several weeks long. The admitted teens and youth are set outdoor in a primitive environment away from their home and schools. Counsellors, leaders teach them life skills and family relations. These camps are set up in woods which include hiking, boating, fishing and many more. Teens experience real change in their behaviour.
  • Behaviour boot camps are short term programs. They mostly focus on military style treatment. These are best for those who are having hard time committing to change. But most of the research studies found that military style approach is not effective in inculcating discipline. Instead it focus on punishments which make the patients go back tomorrow their previous behaviour.
  • Therapeutic boarding schools are long term programs with classes, students, teachers which is more like school. Activities like school clubs, debates are effective.
  • Residential treatment centres (RTC) are long term health care facilities for substance abuse and behavioural problems. Most of the children are admitted with disorders like ADHD,ODD. Interventions such as response cost, token economies, social skill training are effective in behavioural change.

Treatment programs are even offered separately for girls and boys like boarding schools, camps, boot camps, therapeutic programs, military schools. Not all families can afford enrolling their troubled child in therapeutic programs, boot camps. As alternatives there are many programs available which extend their services for free of cost and help the youth fight their problems.

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