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The list of the top sleeping positions for a new born baby

The mere thought of what positions your new born baby is comfortable, you are bound to be spoiled for choices. Let us now go through the best new born baby sleeping options and analyse the pros and cons associated with it. The onus is on the parent, to decide which sleeping options for the new born baby is important.


Works out to be a small bed for your little one, and it could be referred to as a traditional option. The major advantage associated with this bed is that less updates are needed, and it could be used till your baby is ready to graduate to a full sized bed.

On the positives you can find easy accessories to it, and is available in a host of shapes or designs. On the negative side, since it is large size than most options, your baby is going to be a lot unsettled. Coupled with the fact that it happens to be the most expensive option out of the lot.

Co sleeper

Also goes by the name of bedside sleeper, and your baby goes on to sleep just beside you. Though it may resemble to be a crib on one side, and on the other side you can reach out to the baby if they need some form of feeding.

sleeping options for the new born baby

On the positives it is pretty easy to reach out to the baby for a cuddle, though smaller than a crib the baby is comfortable as they have their own space. Most of the models have locking wheels so that it is easy to move it from one room to another. On the negatives as it is smaller than a crib, it tends to outgrow faster. The accessories available are limited and if there are no wheels it becomes difficult to move it from one room to another.


It has to be one of the cosier options for your little one, because of the smaller size that cocoons the baby. Your baby is made to feel comfortable and it helps them to sleep better. Another variation of this sleeping option is cradles. If they come with wheels it is easy to move them from one room to another.

On the positives side, being small in size means that it can suit even the tiniest home or apartment, whereby the baby is cosy and can be put to sleep in an easy manner. If you look at the negative, when you compare it to the cribs limited options are available. The baby tends to outgrow it as well.

Moses basket

It happens to be on the simplest, cheapest and popular sleeping options for your new born baby. Because of the handles and compact size it is light in weight. If you want to rest it on the floor, or if you want to keep it an elevated position then special stands are available in the market. Since it is portable it does become easy to store it as well.

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