Which are the dangerous activities to restrict you during pregnancy?

In the life of a woman expecting the arrival of a new born happens to be one of the most cherished moments. It is that time where both the mother along with the baby needs to exercise a sense of caution. In case if you are pregnant you would need to stop some activities.  These are termed as pregnancy dangerous activities as this could cause damage to both the mother along with the baby. Let us now understand the physical activities that you would need to restrict when you are pregnant.

Some light level of activities is quiet ok during the period of pregnancy, but be aware of the fact that some activities are a strict no at the time of pregnancy. So what are the dangerous activities during pregnancy?

Heavy weight training

When you lift heavy weights it could put strain on your pelvis and the back. The chances of the uterus slipping into the vagina also enhance which might lead to leaking. If the need arises for you to lift heavy weights, then do it as closer to the body as possible. Ensure that you do involve the knees and do not twist or break the back while doing so. If you had any miscarriage in the back, then you should stop yourself from weight training.


There are certain forms of yoga that needs to be avoided during pregnancy. In fact some form of stretching or twisting is ok but too much twisting or bending needs to be avoided. Back ends or full inversions needs to be avoided.If you are new to yoga during pregnancy then the expert opinion of the doctor is called for. In some cases the need may be for a prenatal yoga that is practiced by pregnant women.

Exercise needs to be avoided when you are lying on the stomach

When you are lying on the stomach it is an uncomfortable posture that is going to cause damage to the baby. This is all the more so after the first trimester of pregnancy. Even a small injury can lead to fatal consequences. The key is to modify your exercise and be as comfortable as possible.

Hot tub bath

If you relax in the hot bath during pregnancy, it could lead to an increase in birth defects as the various ailments in the bath tub are not clean. The temperature of the water needs to be as close to your body temperature as far as possible.

Amusement rides

This is a strict no at the time of pregnancy. For example if you are prone to nausea, you should make it a point that you do avoid anything that goes in circular motion. Do avoid roller coaster rides as it could lead to forceful take-off and landing which happen to be dangerous for the baby.

Jogging or running

Both these activities work out to be a better choice if you have a developed a habit for it.

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