Beauty Benefits of Orange Juice

I have seen many people do not like the tangy taste of orange as their taste buds start drooling after they drink it. If you like oranges, then you will be delighted to know that this fruit has several skin beautifying elements. Orange juice is considered as one of the nutritious juices.Every day our skin is exposed to different pollutants and in order to keep our skin beautiful, we use several creams on it. These beauty creams are prepared from harmful chemicals and many times, they leave unwanted effects on the skin. There is no doubt in it that they are from the big cosmetic companies so they are costly also. If you are reading this article, then this is the right time to abandon all those chemical-based preparations and come back in lap of Mother Nature.

Qwench Juice will not only help you in beautifying your skin, it will rejuvenate you internal organs also.

Benefits of oranges on skin

After consuming Qwench Juice , you will realize that your skin pores, which were shrinked are coming back to their normal position. You need to apply orange juice on your face and leave it there for some time, then wash it with regular water. This will remove not only the dirt, but it will also open the clogged skin pores and your face will shine naturally.

Qwench Juice

Harsh sunrays are a problem for most of the people who are staying outdoors. You just need to apply orange juice on your face and it will give a refreshing feeling.

Orange has good amount of citric acid, which will help you deal with skin infections if any. Orange juice is good for acne. Oranges have good quantity of acids in them, which work as an exfoliating agent to your skin. After consuming it and applying it on your skin day after day you will feel that your skin is getting brighter. You will realize a significant reduction in the pimples on your face. Orangesare good for reducing the marks on your skin.

Uses of orange peel

After consuming oranges, do not throw away its peel. Dry them and use them as a beautifying agent. Eating oranges will help you detoxify your body by throwing out the toxins from the body. It will help you combat with free radicals and this will make your skin radiant and glowing.

Take orange peel and sundry them, make fine powder and use this in several facemasks. You can also prepare a skin refreshing spray. Boil water in a pot and put some orange peel in it. Let the water down and leave it for a day. Next day you can take the liquid and throw out the peel. This is good for refreshing your face skin. You can apply it on your face or you can use it with the help of cotton pads. You can add this in your regular facemask,which you prepare at home. You can add this mixture in your bathtub to get a rejuvenating experience.

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