Facts about cancer during pregnancy

It has to be stated that cancer during pregnancy is on the rarer side. This means that a lot of research has not been done on this subject till now. It is on expected lines that the number of cancer cases is going to increase as more and more women are waiting till they age in order to have babies and one thing is for sure the incidence of cancer does increase as you tend to age. Oncology pregnancy medicine is of the opinion that a lot of information is available and this does make things a lot easy as well. You would need to consider a lot of factors at this juncture.

The general feeling is that treatment for cancer is going to have an impact on the wellbeing of your little one. It is obviously expected that you will be a bit worried about the various tests that are being conducted on the baby as well. It is on expected lines that some of the cancer treatment is not safe for the mother and the baby during pregnancy whereas some others may be considered to the safe. The cancer is not going to spread from the mother to the foetus but is going to spread over to the placenta. With recent advancements in terms of technology, successful outcomes have been detected to date. For sure it is important to consider the fact that a pregnant woman can go on to deliver a healthy baby.

Pregnancy is not going to cause any form of cancer, but the obvious fact is that when you are pregnant the chances of cancer does increase. Some of the various types of cancer are cervical, though it is has been found out that breast cancer is the most common type found in the pregnant woman. The cancer of the bone or lungs could also occur but it is on the rarer side.

The symptoms of bloating, fatigue along with morning sickness are common during the course of pregnancy. In certain cases, all these symptoms could be related to particular types of cancer. It is pretty much like medications for infection in pregnancy then needs to be addressed on an immediate basis. It is indeed important with your doctor to discuss the symptoms of pregnancy when they are not rated to be that type as well. In certain cases, tests undertaken could uncover cancer earlier than it would ever have been possible earlier. Say with the aid of a pap smear test it is possible to detect cervical cancer than it was earlier possible.

If any form of cancer is detected the doctors are all the more concerned about the harm that is going to cause to the developing foetus. It is obvious that you would be a bit worried about the radioactive substance that is found in X rays. Almost all the tests could be used during the course of pregnancy providing the doctors with some extra information at this juncture.

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