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How will the melatonin will help to prevent cancer?

Studies have shown that working at night for more than 30 years increases up to twice the chances of getting cancer, especially in women. Men who do night work are at higher risk of cancer, especially the pancreas, bladder, rectum and prostate. Therefore, the melatonina supplement is ideal for those who work at night because it regulates the amount of the substance in the body and prevents it from developing cancerous tumours.

Lose weight:

Melatonin plays a key role in the weight-loss process and is supportive of weight loss. This is due to the effect of sleep regulation that the product offers. Having good nights sleep helps you lose weight, supplementation is more than adequate. Another reason to use the product if you want to lose weight is that it promotes, even indirectly, satiety. It is that sleeping well accelerates the production of ghrelin and leptin, which are associated with satiety.



Despite the benefits, attention should be paid to the contraindications of melatonina. In fact, there is no risk in using supplementation. However, there is a real danger for anyone who has an allergy to the capsule components or even to melatonin itself. Otherwise, the hormone intake is safe. The alert is only for cases of sleep problems caused by anxiety and depression. In such situations, treatment with melatonin is contraindicated. It is also contraindicated for anyone who has a history of problems such as heart attack and angina.

Releasing hormones:

Supplementing melatonin is very effective in muscle development. After the practice of physical activities, the body releases hormones that have the purpose of stimulating the reactions that involve the reconstruction of the musculature. One such hormone is GH that, according to a study at Baylor University in Texas, appears in more numbers in men who took 5 mg of melatonin before training.

Natural production:

One of the most common doubts about melatonin is about the number of days it should be ingested. Experts say it is not recommended to take the hormone for more than two weeks in a row. Another common question is whether or not children should take the melatonin supplement. Since they already produce a safe amount in the body, it is better not to offer melatonin as a supplement to not deregulate natural production. There are no cases of toxic reactions or even overdose of the melatonin to prove that it is unsafe to use. If it is consumed, it is recommended not to operate any machinery for an average of five hours.

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