Bringing Concentration is Not Easy, Here Are the Easy Options

It has often happened that you really want to go to your job for working on something really concentrated, but that you are distracted by the smallest things for the smallest part. The systems of our brain are responsible for thinking processes, and it is with the help of our consciousness that we concentrate on a particular task or object. The fact is that our conscious thinking is influenced by many external sources of distraction or interference, which in turn makes the task of focusing rather complicated.

Did you know that it takes 20 minutes from the moment you are distracted to the moment that you are completely concentrated again? How often are you disturbed in every hour? If you are bothered more than 3 times per hour, you can never go to work concentrated. And then we find it weird when we feel that we do not know what we have done exactly at the end of the day? There come the Nootropic drugs which are designed to support concentration and energy.

And did you know that during reading, the attention of a person is sufficiently strongly dissipated and is susceptible to external stimuli? On average, from 20% to 40% of the total time spent on this action, you are hovering completely in another place.

Absorbing Information

But if in the case of information absorption there is always the opportunity to go back and reread the lost material, then in the work process the negative effect of losing focus on a certain task is much more significant. How to develop the concentration of attention in order to increase its efficiency?


The absence of attention negatively affects the quality of work and the time of its implementation. It is quite difficult to consciously control attention to a certain goal, and as practice proves exhausting, but knowing the principles of functioning and the physiology of the central nervous system, and in turn – and concentration, you can easily cope with this problem.

Before we go directly to the question of how to train attention concentration, the reason for absent-mindedness and the decline in the ability to concentrate on a particular task, we need to understand how our brain functions. Daniel Kanman in his book “Think slowly, decide fast” divides the brain into 2 systems

Clean your (mental) desk

If it is a big mess at home, you will not be able to find anything. If your desk or workplace is a big mess, it goes without saying that you can be less productive than usual. You are constantly distracted by the mess around you and you can also find nothing (without searching). Clean your work area and keep it clean. End of the day the use of the Nootropic drugs will also help you a lot. Designed to support concentration and energy these drugs are the best options for long-term concentrations and intellectual activities. You will need to be sure about this process before usage.

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