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The Secret Recipes from a World Class Champion

International competitions nowadays attend by qualified athletes from countries all around the world. Countries from Europe, USA, Asia, and Africa are coming there on a competition and the winner is only one. The world-class champion has their own secret of how they develop themselves and be a winner. In spite of a disciplined training and tight diet program, they have used steroids to build incredible muscle mass and strength. One of the powerful steroids is Primobolan with proven effect to transform you from nobody to become somebody.

Why it is different than the other steroid?

It is recognized as a family of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is more powerful than the testosterone itself. The data have shown it has five times more powerful than testosterone because of its binding ability to androgenic. It possesses the capability to increase your nitrogen content up to 17% to support you on a cutting cycle. Thus, by the end of the cycle, you will get a massive muscle growth and enhance your power performance.

What are the advantages of having this to my body?

This type of steroid is genuinely effective for athletes, bodybuilding, and bulking scenario. For an athlete, it is enormously beneficial to equip you with the nitrogen retention that capable to speed up your recovery rate. Higher nitrogen retention rate enablesyou to maintain your performance. The world-class champion builds their track from zero passesthe ups and downs. When they lost and need to recover, their recovery rate is faster enough to make them able togo to battle again. If right now you are in this condition, then it is recommended buy primobolan to support you to increase the recovery rate.

As a bodybuilder, you can also get a benefit from this for its capability to improve your strength and muscle mass. At the preliminary phase, this reduces unwanted water and burn fat on your body. On the other way, while you maintain the fat to muscle ratio, the nitrogen retention emphasizes your red blood cell to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the overall body. This will stimulate the regeneration of new muscle tissues. And after a certain level, it will maintain the lean mass on the bulking cycle.

What is the recommended cycle?

After some explanation about the background and advantages to our body, the following topic is the recommended cycle for the beginner up to the experienced user. This is would not work if you are not feeding yourself with an excellent quality of food in a certain calories level. And without an intensive training, your food inside your body will transform into more fat rather than muscle. Consequently, it is more advantageous for you to follow this guideline while maintaining your diet and training program.

The comprehensive cycle consists of eight weeks periods. It can be used as a solo supplementation or in stacked with other steroids and protections. For a single supplementation in a beginner level you can choose to consume100 mg/day of an oral tablet, 400 mg/week (split into 3 doses) of injection or 400 mg/week of enanthate injection. A female beginner should use fewer doses with 25 mg/day of a tablet, 50 mg/week injection, or 50 mg/week enanthate injection.

Favorite stack option consists of a combination of Anavar, Frag 176-191, and Samarin 140. Samarin used as a protection of your liver because the essence of steroids might affect your liver organ. The average dose is only 3 cups per day. Meanwhile, the Frag 176-191 will serve a function to support your fat burning process, to sustain your lean muscle mass.

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