What Are The Existing Medical Marijuana Laws In All 14 Legal States

Everyone knows that Medical Marijuana is a controversial subject across the United States. Of course, federal laws exist about marijuana. The issue with marijuana is that the federal government has ruled it illegal and therefore does not recognize any medical use for it. On the contrary, a lot of researchers has been done on the subject and it shows that marijuana use can actually help people who have a particular disease in some circumstances. At present, there are 14 states in the District of Columbia that allow Medical Marijuana. The majority would say that medical marijuana laws must strictly influence who can and who cannot have it and how they can possibly get it.

You need prescription

All of the states require a person to get a prescription from a doctor to use it legally. Persons who have the ailment must also have a confirmed diagnosis of one of the ailments believed to be cured or helped by the use of marijuana. As long as a person has a prescription for Medical Marijuana, they can buy it and even grow it at the comfort of their home.

It needs to come from a clinic

In many states, the law says that the medicinal marijuana has to be purchased from the clinic. This makes it very similar to a pharmacy. The dispensary is the one in charge of growing the marijuana and distributing it. These dispensaries are very strictly regulated. In order to manage a dispensary, the person in charge must not possess any criminal record nor any drug charges in the past. Each state has moreover other regulations regarding the use of marijuana for medical use in the workplace. Each of the patients has to have enough knowledge about the regulations in their state.


It is essential to note that new economic growth is sprouting in these states with the new regulations. For instance, lawyers, doctors, supply houses and education centers like dispensary are also given opportunities and contributing to the market that was once controlled underground by the legislation. Many people in these connections are still wary of the changes due to the fact that the legislation only protects them as far as state law will stand in court.

You can still get arrested

In the 14 states where this can be used legally, users may still be at risk of arrest.  In those 14 states, each year bills are taken up to further regulate marijuana for medical use or to make it illegal again. In the other 36 states and at the federal level, the battle to make marijuana legal or illegal still continues. For a safer option, you can always get cbd oil. This also came from the cannabis plant and delivers a lot of potent benefits. There are already websites that you can access where you can buy this and have it delivered straight in your doorstep.

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