Protect Your Heart, Protect Your Life

The heart is the busiest organ in our body. Each day it pumps more than 4 and a half litres of blood to all the organs in our body and beats vigorously around a 99,000 times. It’s a very small organ but takes up the very hard job of keeping all the organs and our blood vessels functioning. Our heart has four chambers and  each chamber has proper functions. The heart also has four valves that act as traffic conductors making sure that the blood travels efficienctly and in a single direction.

Role of a heart surgeon

  • A heart surgeon is a doctor who performs surgical procedures on the chest, also known as the thorax. Not only does he treat the heart but also the lungs. His job profile involves detecting the early onset of diseases and suggesting not only surgical ways to improve the condition of someone’s heart.
  • To become the best heart surgeon in india it takes almost 15 years to be recognised in the field, starting from 4 years of undergraduate school, then 4 years of medical school and then 5 years of being a resident. It also involves getting a three year cardio fellowship. If you want to get into heart transplant surgeries and paediatric surgery then you will require additional training.

How to improve your heart

  1. Quit smoking. Smoking is the worst type of damage you could be doing to your body. Smoke is secreted by the lungs and hearts and it severely hampers their functions.
  2. Drinking is also very harmful because it directly affects the liver which indirectly causes complications in the heart.
  3. Cut down the consumption of oil. Stay away from sweet meats and fried kachoris, rolls and biryanis. The added saturated fat and cholesterol in these items along with trans fat is very harmful for the heart.
  4. Start having things rich in iron like spinach and leafy vegetables. Vegetables not only are a rich source of vitamins but also are richly equipped with minerals which vitalize the body.
  5. Fruits are also very good for the heart especially pomogranate that increases the hemoglobin level in the blood.
  6. Excercising is the key to not just a healthy heart but a healthy lifestyle. Excercising reduces the risk of heart attacks and also improves the over all lifestyle of a person.
  7. Cardio is very good for an individual to keep the heart working in the best possible way. Cycling, skipping, swimming and jogging are essential to keep the heart in check.

When do heart problems occur

Heart attack and heart strokes occur usually when your arteries become choked or clogged. This makes the arteries narrow and it leads to a build up of atheroma in them. This may completely block the blood circulation to the other parts of the body or in turn the heart, leading to severe problems.

If you’re obese then the only solution is the get your weight in check. Self determination and self control along with support from loved ones can make your health journey the most fulfilling and happy.

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