It is impossible for people to live alone without associating with others. This is because you will always meet people at your place of work and you also have family and friends. It would probably have been easier if people with narcissistic personality disorder did not affect the people in their lives the way they do. Unfortunately, since interaction is part of human nature, there will always be a possibility of a person suffering from narcissistic abuse syndrome.

Why it is important to seek help early if you have the narcissistic abuse syndrome

Emotional stability

A strong and emotionally stable person can wither in the company of a narcissist. Unless you walk away from a person with this disorder, it will eventually get to you. There places where it is difficult to walk away such as your dream job. That job pays your bills and it probably gives you satisfaction. But if your supervisor or boss has a narcissistic personality disorder, it does not matter how well you do your jo, you will beaten down regularly and you emotional health will be at risk. If you do not want to succumb to this kind of abuse, it is important to seek help early enough.

narcissistic abuse syndrome


Victims of narcissists will more often than not start isolating themselves. You become a shadow of your former self that you do not want to be associated with the people who were with you when you had a thriving personality. Now, all you have are doubts and feelings of being unwanted and undeserving. Eventually, if you do not get help, your only contact will be the narcissist who will emotionally abuse you even further especially now that you have no support. It will be difficult to help an already isolated person. However it is important to act early so that the real you are not lost to the person created because of the abuse.


Victims of narcissists tend to be very dependent on them, especially because they are always faulted in everything they do. The more he looks down on what you do, the harder you try to please him. You will always try to do things the way he loves but it is never enough. It is important to seek help early enough before you start believing you are not good enough and eventually becoming dependent to the narcissist such that you start seeing yourself through his eyes. You truly start believing you are not good enough.

Narcissists and their victims need psychological help if they are to be saved from themselves. It is important for both to acknowledge that there is a problem. It is important for the victim and those around her to see that she is suffering from narcissistic abuse syndrome and get help before it is too late.

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