Suffering from periodontitis? Here is the best brushing technique

It is said that Bass brushing system works against periodontitis as it expels the microscopic organisms that aggregate along and under the gum line and in addition between the teeth. The Bass brushing system is extremely viable at decreasing gum disease when utilized accurately.

Tragically, indications of early gum infection are swollen, red, delicate gums. Without the awareness that these are indications of gum sickness, a great many people abstain from brushing the contaminated zone because of inconvenience around the swollen gums. This enables the disease to proceed unhindered.

The right preventive for periodontitis

Dr. Bass’ suggests the accurate Bass toothbrush and the Bass brushing procedure.

The Bass toothbrush contrasts from other toothbrushes in two different ways:

  • The bristles of a Bass toothbrush are spaced, and there are less bristles on the brush head. What Dr. Bass found was that most toothbrushes had excessively numerous bristles to squirm viably between the teeth and down into the gum line. In this way, he made a brush with less bristles that enables the brush to get down where the thug bugs flourish and reduce their colonizing endeavors. The same is genuine today as most customary toothbrushes have an excessive number of bristles to utilize the Bass brushing method successfully.


  • The second way the Bass toothbrush contrasts from different toothbrushes is that the bristle tips of the Bass brush are adjusted, cleaned and extremely smooth. It is quite different from other brushes which are jagged and have rough-cut tips.

Guidelines for the Bass Brushing Technique

  • Hold the toothbrush delicately! We get a kick out of the chance to joke that we’re not cleaning a grout line here! As opposed to hold the toothbrush like a scour brush, hold it tenderly so your arm can unwind and apply the small movements required for the Bass brushing method.
  • Hold the brush at the ordinarily perceived 45-degree point to the tooth and gum line.
  • The primary distinction in the Bass system is the way little the movements are. The Bass brushing strategy utilizes unobtrusive horizontal strokes along the gum line.
  • It’s relatively as aren’t you “brushing” your teeth by any stretch of the imagination!
  • Or maybe, put the toothbrush at a spot along the gum line and tenderly squirm it with slight, unobtrusive forward and backward movements that get the bristles down between the teeth and under the gum line.

Clean every tooth and if you feel a cavity, try to take all the food inside it. The small movement takes time, yet in time, you will be wondered at how much more beneficial your gums feel!

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