The Ideal Warm-Up Routine to Keep Your Body Fit

An important characteristic of an athlete is his or her physique. As an athlete you need to take care of you body and definitely need to stay fit and healthy. By maintaining your physique it does not mean that you should not gain a few pounds. Being fit is all about maintaining your body without excess fat that can cause fatigue. An excellent warm-up routine to help you stay fit is dynamic stretching.

What is Dynamic Stretching?

Unlike static stretches that require the person to hold a particular stretch for about 10 or more seconds while staying motionless, dynamic stretches involve movement of the body. These dynamic movements are designed in such a way so that they take the joint or a muscle through a challenging and repetitive motion. While performing each of these stretches, the respective body part moves further thus, reducing its stiffness and enabling easy and free movement.

dynamic stretching

Why Dynamic Stretches?

Dynamic stretches are ideal for athletes; especially for new runners. Performing them before your daily work-out will help you increase flexibility of the body and consequently improve your performance, allowing you to outrun your competitors and finish the race first. Listed below are the major reasons why dynamic stretching is the best warm-up routine.

  • It helps improve body movements

At the end of a hectic day at the office you sometimes feel that you can barely bend over and pick up the spoon that fell from the dinner table.These stretches during your warm-upsessions daily can help you be livelier.

  • It sets your muscles into motion

Have you ever wondered why you need a warm-up session before you start on with your work-out at the gym? It is because you have just returned from work or home without any strenuous activity and so all your muscles are at rest. They need to be awaken and set into motion before you start your session at the gym. One stretch that helps best is the lunge with a twist. It engages all your core muscles, legs and hips.

  • It helps your body to adapt and respond to its surroundings quickly

A dynamic work-out daily could improve this initial time taken by your body to warm up, thus helping it get its grasp from the state of rest into motion quickly, and so improve its coordination and balance.

  • It can enhance your power and improve your performance

This means that a dynamic work-out before a weight lifting session can actually help you lift more weight!

Daily dynamic work-out can surely improve the performance of your body and its power. So why wait? Include it in your work-life routine and stay fit.

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