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Why Taking Alma Green Tea Is Good For You

Antioxidants are chemicals that have been known to fight free radicals. It makes your cells become more resilient to disease making you a more resilient person in the process that has a boosted immunity. The hype is real with antioxidants that is why there are a ton of products that are based in it that offers a healthier life. But you shouldn’t be over-fixated about only antioxidants since there are many things that you need to do to stay healthy aside from taking antioxidants.

There are many viruses, bacteria, pollutants, stress, and harmful chemicals that humans are exposed of that can potentially harm the body. These things are everywhere today and every day you are exposed to it. While your body’s immune system can ward of harm thru your immune system, one of the ways for you to have a good immune system is for you to have healthy cells and key to that are antioxidants.

best Indian gooseberries

You need it as a supplement: Antioxidants are consumables, and these get used up, that is why people are taking them. Antioxidants are found in various fruit, vegetables and drinks. Most people don’t eat a well balanced and healthy meal that is why supplementation is very important. Good thing that there are various products in the market that offers antioxidants just like tea for example. Below you can find the sources that has been found to have antioxidants:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Selenium
  • Flavonoids
  • Lycopene
  • Lutein
  • Lignan

Alma tea: Alma tea is made from the alma fruit aka Indian gooseberry, aka best Indian gooseberries. So what is alma tea exactly and why is this the next best thing? Indian gooseberries have been found to be rich antioxidants. How powerful is it?

  • Its seventy-five times more potent than Goji Berries
  • Its sixty times more potent than Pomegranate
  • Its fifty times more potent than Blueberries
  • Its thirteen times more potent than Black Raspberries
  • Its 2.5 times more potent than Acai Berries
  • Its two times more potent than Turmeric

Why its a good idea to drink tea? People love tea, it’s a very old practice and for a very good reason, tea is good. And its one of the most effective ways to get antioxidants supplement. Indian gooseberries + tea equals a really good tea and this is what Alma Green tea is all about.

Antioxidants is a household name, people think about it’s good but not all people know how good it is. So how good? Really really good. If you can look it up online, you will get millions of articles online telling about how good it is and it’s all true. While there are a ton of things where antioxidants are found on, it’s in Indian Gooseberries where it’s found to be very rich. If you want to know more about Indian gooseberries, Amla tea and why its best for you, visit Alma Green.

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